Life can be such a pain sometimes you know? I know I should be blessed to live every day but what’s the point if you can’t have what you want? Sitting down thinking about certain people made me realized you can’t have everything you want no matter how hard you try even if you be nice to them. True they’re just friends but you wanted more. You kinda realized you were lonely. Lonely enough to fall for anybody that cross your eyes. Being lonely is a hard battle if you ask me… you try to fight it off trying to be around with different people or staying home watching random t.v shows and etc… it can really be a pain, it’s like you fighting demons because you wanna push everyone away from you and be lock up in your room all day unless you cooking or using the bathroom or leaving for work. You sit there and wonder when it’s going to end, who going to make it stop or will this pointless battle last forever… I have been out of place lately, my mind is gone 24/7 but I realize I just have to act my normal self, and that stay chilling at all times. Hanging with people who has good vibes, try to get my life back on track no matter who I meet, try to force myself to go out more and make new friends who can lift you up, all these things come to your mind so so easy, but it’s up to you if you wanna make that change. True certain people can make an impact on your life and they leave you for no reason( and no I not talking about my ex) got nothing but love for her…. but in the mean time, I’ll see how this battle go. Thank you for reading if you did.

Feeling Unwanted 8/9

Sometimes in our life, we gonna feel unwanted by people. I can’t really say that’s okay because it’s a hard feeling to shake but easy at the same time to shake off.

You start to think is everything you doing is enough for them? Do they feel the same way about you? Do they love you or is it fake? These things randomly come to mind whenever you feel unwanted. Sometimes you wanna get up and do something to fight the feeling, sometime you wanna make that called or visit to feel wanted from someone but don’t let them feels get to you.

It’s easy to feel unwanted but sometimes you’ve to care for your life just like that person is doing with theirs. Thinking about it ain’t no better. Think positive things and do something positive. show that person you don’t need them. People gonna make time for who they want. They say that in these sayings you hear and sadly it’s true. Can’t tell you to do the same to them but never let someone get to you. Yes, you wanna be around them but sometimes they don’t wanna be around you and that’s okay. Find someone who doesn’t mind your company or do things that’s fun to you.

I hope your day went well. Not really over yet but I hope it stays good. If your day going negative the site down and breath and think positive things.


Hey, how y’all been? Haven’t posted in a while. Life has been keeping me busy but I do write down small stuff that I haven’t posted yet but this post is different.

Different because today is my beautiful girlfriend’s 25th birthday. I want you all to help me wish her a good 25th because now she officially an OG lol.

If you do wanna send her something $ceebeenbadd is her cash app if you use.

Also if its your birthday today or someone you know, I also wish them a happy birthday. I also wanna say happy birthday to my great uncle and my little cousin. Boy oh boy so many birthdays’s this month and next lol.

I hope your day is going well I wish you a good first Friday.

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Rancor 6/14

I always tell my friends and family to be eazy whenever I’m telling them goodbye or something like that. But I also use it in other ways too like telling them to be chill, happy, strong, positive, and just don’t let the hate get to you. 

I feel like we have a lot of hate going around in our lives and in the world. Some may speak on it and others will just leave it alone.

I know a few people who are dealing with hate in their life. I do my best to listen and try to give them advice. When I’m finished talking to em I usually don’t hear from them until they are done dealing whatever they were going through. Some make dumb decisions and I sit there and be like why? you got some much going for you, now you going backward. Then you got the ones who make the right choice and got rid of that hate they had in their heart. Talking better about people and everything you can see that’s positive.

I really do feel like you can stop the hate. It just takes a while to do. If you got friends and family that’s acting weird toward something or someone, check on them and see if you help. Even if you fail you did something when no one else would but don’t give up either, keep trying until you see that bitterness out their heart oh and be Eazy 🙂


Backwards 6/12

Sometimes in life, we go backwards without even wanting to but that’s how things are

You should never feel discouraged when going backward in life. We have our hard times and a good time but I feel like the hard times make us a stronger person. All them backward moments that you couldn’t control are just life lessons.

I saw people who were doing so good in life until they get around the wrong folks and start moving backward. Sad that you see it but no matter the advice that person has been given but it seems like they need to learn the hard way.

Try your best to move forward in life. Hard time will definitely come but you always have to be ready. Some things may get to us but don’t let that bring your life down. Going backward or not you’re still living. Do your best to move forward no matter what.


Joy Of Life 6/11

We enjoy life and try to cherish every moment of it. With all the joy you can experience in life it’s hard to pick one memory and live with it.

Whenever my daughter comes over I can tell she enjoyed her time over here. Even if she stays in the house all day she always seems to find something to watch or play with. She does the same at her mother’s house. I just found it amazing how she can find the joy out in anything she does or watches and I like that. Don’t need other kids around to have fun.

Or the residents I see at my job doing garden work. They damn near 90 plus years old and be out there pulling stuff out the ground and all. Pain or not I can tell they do it for the joy and I can see the joy in their eyes.

We can find joy in everyday life. Just gotta live without regrets and do things that you know for a fact that will make you happy.


Golden Look 6/10

The golden picture you see below, Yep that’s my girlfriend with her crybaby self lol but that my baby though 🙂

I love it when she gets all pamper up. Her hair, nails, eyebrows, eyelashes, should I carry on lol?

Always pamper your woman or man when you can. Even with all the bills and both being parents I still find a way to make sure she gets pamper so she can look well. Yes, she can do it herself but I just like doing it.

Even without getting pamper she still looks golden in my eyes, she will complain and say ugh I’m so ugly bae and I’ll say Nah you still look good lol, have you seen my haircut lol? I need a good cut from KG( My barber name) this weekend. Doing right or wrong always feels like you look well.



Words 6/10

Today has so far been chill, play the game mostly all day, talk to my girlfriend, went to my favorite joint to get food, help my grandparents, check up on daughter, she wanna go to Rainbow Springs again. I told her mother I’ll pay for everything. Just take her, I feel like it’s nice that she wants to swim all the time. Now to get her into soccer lol. Now to the saying below.

                                  Resist Temptation

We could all relate to this saying because it shadows us in our everyday life no matter what we do. 

Like me doing my best not to eat a lot of junk food whenever I’m bored. Or like earlier today when I was playing League Of Legends in this 48-minute game which could have ended in the 30 or 25-minute mark but my team refused to push for home base. I even back door( Back door in LOL if you can teleport to the enemy base without them knowing and go for the win before they kill you or notice you) but sadly I died all three times but came close. I had to resist not to rage quit or rage on the players because it’s like they didn’t want to end. I wanted to rage but I resist. I said allot of cuss words though.

It may be hard but we all can resist something if we really try to. We have our moments but as long you have the will to resist you should be okay if you don’t then your day will come.

Loud frogs 6/10

I only work at the guardhouse on Tuesday night going on Wednesday mornings. If not I’m outside doing patrols.

Every few nights or if it rains real good. Frogs like these will come out of nowhere and start singing lol. I honestly feel sorry for my co-worker because they can go all night and don’t let them be in the sewer lol. Them sounds will double and much louder.

I don’t mind the frogs. I see a different type of frog every night and I do my best not to run over the baby ones.

living things can be annoying no matter what it’s but don’t be scared to take pictures evening if they keep hopping away. Because the frog below would not let me get close lol. I had to zoom to take these pictures.

Words 6/9

So far, today has been good, the sun came back out, haven’t rain since Sunday… well in my area. Talk to my girlfriend for a little, went to my neighbor’s house, and listen to her vent about boy problems oh and I help her drain her pool. She also gave me some black mulch for my flowers but I’m gonna pick it up later. Now I’m home typing this saying below.

                            Be the first to say hello.

I like this saying, I always do my best to smile and say hello or ask how you doing? even when I get home from work I do my best to text my girlfriend good morning. Few times she will beat me but that only if I get home and go buy breakfast. Even at my job, it’s required me to be friendly and speak to everyone you see. So I do my best to say hello first even through the gate or me seeing them on property.

Do your best to speak first, some people will walk right past you and not speak, might wave but no words but a simple hello might change the outcome.


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