Life can be such a pain sometimes you know? I know I should be blessed to live every day but what’s the point if you can’t have what you want? Sitting down thinking about certain people made me realized you can’t have everything you want no matter how hard you try even if you be nice to them. True they’re just friends but you wanted more. You kinda realized you were lonely. Lonely enough to fall for anybody that cross your eyes. Being lonely is a hard battle if you ask me… you try to fight it off trying to be around with different people or staying home watching random t.v shows and etc… it can really be a pain, it’s like you fighting demons because you wanna push everyone away from you and be lock up in your room all day unless you cooking or using the bathroom or leaving for work. You sit there and wonder when it’s going to end, who going to make it stop or will this pointless battle last forever… I have been out of place lately, my mind is gone 24/7 but I realize I just have to act my normal self, and that stay chilling at all times. Hanging with people who has good vibes, try to get my life back on track no matter who I meet, try to force myself to go out more and make new friends who can lift you up, all these things come to your mind so so easy, but it’s up to you if you wanna make that change. True certain people can make an impact on your life and they leave you for no reason( and no I not talking about my ex) got nothing but love for her…. but in the mean time, I’ll see how this battle go. Thank you for reading if you did.

Life 2/27

You are not a person who allows someone to embark on your existence with ease. You’ve to be overprotective of your life and that’s okay.

Once that person got you, they got you. Once you’ve their attention, it’s fair game. Your loyalty becomes everything with them. Just hope they devote themselves to you.

You often push people away with the possibility of being blessed with a match because you don’t wanna waste your time.

Indeed, you cannot get back the the time you waste with someone but we all learn at the same time. Understand that person’s true motive in your life.

The right one will come, always take your time.

Aspects Of Life 2/25

You’re a human who cannot be transformed into what they want you to be. You’ll not change yourself to comfort their needs and if you do, then just leave.

It’s completely simple. If you cannot be free in every characteristic of your life with them then you’re not the type to share any aspect with them at all.

You’ve to be drained of people coming to you for an opportunity but with conditions on things that they’ve never been about.

Freedom is everything and you shall never stop respecting yourself.

Admire the moments you’ve alone and just learn how to be isolated. Having someone to love is always good if it the right love but never hold back your love because of your past or just people.

Past questions 2/23

Life can be a journey. We meet many people in existence and only fall for a few of them.

Falling for them brings the past. And sometimes the past brings questions that you don’t wanna answer but do because the individual deserves answers.

My ex asks me did I ever cheated on her. Like always everyone is going to say no which I did.

However just because I said no doesn’t suggest I couldn’t. Had several opportunities to do so but I didn’t. Even when I had company over I couldn’t. Even she made me upset or stuff I found out I just couldn’t.

Regardless that’s the main point I’m trying to get at. I always could but didn’t because I knew she wouldn’t do me like that when she could have any guy she wants and that’s just the reality we dwell in.

If you adore somebody you won’t cross them but make sure they don’t cross you because God always got the unfortunate one and give the other one blessings.

I do wonder out of everything else, why ask me this? But hey I would have done the same but I already know my answer.

Great grandmother 2/10

I’m often reminded of how great you are as a person and as a great grandmother.

I can see it in the little things that you did when you were here to make everyone around feel special.

I’m so proud to call you my Great Grandma and I’ll never forget you.

Today is your 97th birthday and I wanna take time out to wish you a Happy Birthday and that I love you.

R.I.P hope to see you one day!

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