This is a letter I sent to a close friend of mines because she has been down lately and this is what I wrote.

Keya… I found it pretty cool that we been friends for a long time and you’ll always be my number one friend. I watch how you grow into a beautiful woman. Everything about you is perfect in my opinion and I’ll never judge you for the things you do in life. I could tell when I visit you at your job, those little kids love you even those they was probably annoying lol. I could just tell you bring some much joy to people lives and have I mentioned that you wonderful mother? I might not know everything about your life but I do know you went through alot but you always came back on top no matter what the obstacles was. I also want you to remember that I’ve allot of love for you and also many more people have love for you. I always enjoy watching your snaps because it’s so honest and funny ya know? You be having a good time too. Thanks to you there are so many restaurants I wanna visit and man you are beautiful, I know I say that alot and I feel like you going to get tired of me saying that lol but I’m going to keep saying it because it’s true. I feel like you’ve been down lately because of the words you use toward me. I do hope everything is okay and just know I’m here for ya and I hope you’re healing fast. I love you and I hope this letter cheer you up. Love Johnathan Pugh

I woke up with a text from her saying thank you so much and that it made her day. She also save it. I ask why she save it and she told when ever I’m feeling down, I’ll go back to this message and read it over and over. That made my day because I was able to make someone happy using my own words from the heart. I feel like if you got the words to make anyone day… Do It!

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