This is just a post about my honest opinion of co-parenting. My home-boy ask me earlier today of how do me and the mother of my daughter co-parent without any problems.

Simple… worry about yourself and try to be a great dad. Yeah, the breakup is going to be hard for you and her. Trust me, she is thinking about it more than you but that pain you both feel will slowly go away and that’s the good thing.

Soon you’ll start to see her more as a friend, you still stay care and love her but you know being apart is best for you and her. She may have allotted of goals she wanna achieve in her life and she is going to do what’s best for her and the baby and you should be doing the same.

You also need to understand the mom life and know it’s not easy for them and I mean all of them, they struggle with things that you don’t even know and they probably will never tell you. You shouldn’t be mad either, as long you there for your kid, that’s all she going to care about. Oh, take them to the park or movies and etc just have allowed her to take a break.

This is my own personal experience with me and the mother of my daughter. Yeah, we bump heads a few times but I had to come to realize she had my child and I shouldn’t be trying to stress her out. I became to understand her life with all the responsibility she has. I learn just to be there for the child, Yes I ask her if she okay a few times but I mostly call or text only about my daughter and that how it should be.

You’ll always care… well I hope you do but in the meantime just be a good friend and a perfect father.

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