I can think of a lot of things when I hear the word bubble. Like just yesterday while working before it started to rain for a whole hour which sucks by the way because it got super busy.

Across the street from my job, there was this little girl and her dad playing with bubbles and you can see they were having a fun time. 

Before it started raining, I was able to speak to the dad and he told me that was her first time playing with bubbles. He explained to me that he was always worried that something bad will happen if he let her play with bubbles. But as a dad, that happens. Even with my daughter, she surprises me every time I take her to the park because she had learned something new and I’m a proud father when she does.

But he realized why keep her in a bubble? let her experience this stuff while she is little. Besides she is a kid.

Live your life to the fullest and stop being trap in your own bubble. There are special things to see and try in this world. Just have a smile on your face when you do it and I wish you a good day.


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