It sucks that a lot of people assume stuff these days. I feel like people love to assume things that not even true and I see that from my facebook.

Like a couple of weeks ago, a new friend I made who disliked me for a whole year and I never knew why. I use to talk to her friend who told a little lie that I slept with her and left. 

You know that is definitely true but I left for a reason. You’re not going to stand me up three times and expect me to see you the same. After the first time, I should have stopped there but nope! I was foolish lol. I stop treating her the same at work and she told all her co-workers. You can say she had a big mouth on her. 

I became cool with some of her friends over time and most of them told me why didn’t like me at first. I told them the truth and said you shouldn’t assume things just because someone said something. There are always two sides to the story. 

Me and this girl still talk but as friends. I never told her that I was cool with most of her friends and that they told me what you said but those so call friends slowly drift away from her besides one and she doesn’t even know why… well I think so.

I can tell a lot of stories when it comes down to this word, I myself don’t even assume stuff no more. I’ll most likely ask because that’s the right thing to do. Yeah, you can lie right in my face but that’s just life Ya Know?

The sun is bright today and I hope it stays that way. I wish you a good day!


Published by HS-Pugh727

Just a young man who trying to live his life the best way he can. I'm a proud father of a baby girl and I do security. I'm a gamer at heart and love to workout/ have fun with good friends. I also like to write and tell about my life or opinions. feel to read my words also you can leave comments.

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