Most of y’all know I was raise by my grandparents and they were very old-fashioned.

Even though they were old fashion I learn a lot of lessons in life. I’ll never say it’s bad for grandparents to raise children’s. Hell, my daughter is with her grandmother on her mom side allot but that because she stays with her but it helps because we don’t have to pay for a babysitter.

Even the old heads at my job give some good advice about life because they mostly experience everything in this world. I always listen too, I kinda like learning about old school stuff or just the old fashion way of life.

I’ll probably never get that chance but hearing stories of the old age are good enough for me oh you can also watch it too.

I believe being old fashion is good for the soul. The old ways always seem better than the new ways which are cool. Pay attention to the old school things, they always around just waiting to be used. It was sunny for a while but now the sky is gloomy which sucks but I do wish you a good evening!


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