Two brothers who were born with a power that only gods can contain but they were only human.

Both brothers were strong leaders in their village.

One master earth and healing powers and the other one study water and swordsmanship.

Both had a strong will in their village but one had a weak heart and the other had the strong heart to get things done no matter what it was.

Both brothers also had rivals from other villages but they always stood tall.

Both brothers came back from the dead with other village leaders to protect and save the world.

Both brothers were able to change the world in their village and they were both fears by many but also a hero to many.

Both bother died protecting the people they love and to protect their village from any danger.

Even those both brothers were different in many ways you could always compare them side from side because they had strong love from their village and family and died protecting them.

Seem like another gloomy day today but I doing gate duty so I’ll hopefully stay dry and I wish you a good day!


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