When I see this word, all I think of is being tired and that exactly how I felt lately. Tired from work got me beat but I put it all on me since I ask for the overtime. If I wasn’t taking this trip to Virginia I probably would have said no lol. I already said yes to a 12-hour shift on Sunday. Even though I’ll be frazzled by all this, I know it’s worth it in the end.

I go to the gym after work almost every night.  I am tired after work because of the beating from the sun. Like no joke, if the sun didn’t kick my butt throughout the day I wouldn’t be so tired. Like Sunday the heat was intense. I mean every day the heat was intense but Sunday it just seems like it was really saying hello and wouldn’t leave lol. But even though I’m beat tired I still went to the gym that night and probably stayed for an hour until I couldn’t go any longer.

Or another example when I take my daughter to the park and she starts to play around. you will think she will get tired but nope. Even when the sun is beating her butt she still playing around like it’s nothing while I sitting down just watching lol. I do run around with her and boy I be tired lol. My great uncle told me a couple of years ago that you better start jogging. I ask him why and he said you will understand in a year or 2 and now I see lol.

Allot of days you’re going to deadbeat tired but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your day and speaking of your day I wish you had a good one! 


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