One day a father crafts a big ax and a long steel sword. Both made with iron black sand from his homeland.

Two brothers. Both born at the same time who will wield these powerful weapons to protect their homeland.

A sister, the bastard child who was 5 years older than her two brothers. She wields her mother bow which was bind by strong love, anger, and power.

The sister attack the Homeland of the two brothers. So strong she was able to divide the land into two parts with her own power.

Daze, hurt, and confuse the two brothers was in disbelief. Despite their feelings, they knew she had to be stop. The land was divide now. One of the brothers asks their father why he made these weapons. He told his sons that one day someone close will wanna see this land divide. Just be ready to fight when she comes

I made this whole thing up but I also may continue it. I hope you having a good day and I wish you a good a good Sunday.

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