One of my childhood friend Jasmine Gilgosch who has CHD is doing this heart week post on Facebook. I know allot of people not award of this and she gave me permission to post each one on my blog. I been following her story for a while and I believe you should too. Below is day four and I hope we all learn something because I’ll be posting all of them.

Day #4- Heart Warrior; I am the Heart Warrior in this post. I’ve fought through so much to get here today. I’ve fought through heart related traumas as well as other traumas life has thrown my way. This last summer I had a huge wake up call and I am so, so happy to be here. I wasn’t supposed to make it to five and yet here I am. I’m finally pursuing my dreams and making a life for myself. I never thought I’d make it this far in life due to heart related and non-heart related issues. I know it’s a little late in life to get started and I still have some worries about my future but I’m determined to fight for as long as I can and make an amazing life for myself.


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