One of my childhood friends Jasmine Gilgosch who has CHD is doing this heart week post on Facebook. I know allot of people not award of this and she gave me permission to post each one on my blog. I been following her story for a while and I believe you should too. Below is day seven and I hope we all learn something because I’ll be posting all of them.

Day #7- Hope; I have so much hope for my future. All my life I never thought I would make it as far as I have. Sometimes it was because of my heart and other times it was because of my mental health. Then there were times it was both. Either way I never, ever thought I’d get this far in life and now that I have I know no matter how scared I might get I have hope and plans for my future.

I hope to finish my degree so I can teach Kindergarten. I hope to love myself fully and completely for the rest of my life. I hope to find love and a lasting relationship/marriage. Most of all though? I hope to be a mom one day. I don’t pray much or often but when I do it’s for that. I pray and pray and pray one day I’ll be a mom. All I’ve ever wanted out of life is to be a mom and deep down in my heart I know one day that hope and dream will come true.


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