Passing 10/26

Passing as the title says but why? Because my father pass away a few days ago but you know? I don’t even feel sad.

You can probably guess why, my father wasn’t really in my life, to begin with, but I always knew who he was because my momma will always mention it to me. Even after I track him down again at age 19 I didn’t keep in contact. Just stop by and say hello whenever I could. But in my heart, I knew I could have made a better effort to get close to him but I also wish he’d have made a better effort to be In my life, and maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t feel this way.

My words to you? Just live if you feel the same way I do. I ask a few friends that know and I ask them should I feel sad that my dad is gone? Because I don’t and they all gave me the same answer. It was because he wasn’t in your life so you don’t feel anything for him. To me that’s sad but the truth. So if you a father and haven’t talked to your kids or see them In a while, do so. Because they gonna feel the same way I do and that’s painful. I thank him for helping to bring me into this world and the few conversations we did have and the sisters and brothers on that side of the family but that’s about it.

You’re going to have people in this world you should be close to but you not. While they’re here, do your best to change that only if you want to. I did wanted to bond with my dad and learn more about the family but I didn’t and that’s the truth. Thought I’d more time but that doesn’t wait on anyone.

Do I regret not knowing him better or making a better effort to see him? Yes, I kinda do but it’s too late for all that. But he did leave other sisters and brothers for me to get close to, even today I found out I have an 8 or 9-year-old sister. Yeah, my dad has a lot of kids, even two of them older than me but that’s just life. Unless you don’t want to, get to know the ones you want in your life because you never know when the lord gonna call them home. Rest In Peace Pops I Know You’re In A Better place looking down on all your loved ones.

Published by HS-Pugh727

Just a young man who trying to live his life the best way he can. I'm a proud father of a baby girl and I do security. I'm a gamer at heart and love to workout/ have fun with good friends. I also like to write and tell about my life or opinions. feel to read my words also you can leave comments.

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