Heart from a friend day-6

One of my childhood friend Jasmine Gilgosch who has CHD is doing this heart week post on Facebook. I know allot of people not award of this and she gave me permission to post each one on my blog. I been following her story for a while and I believe you should too. Below is day six and I hope we all learn something because I’ll be posting all of them.

Day #6- Care Team; My main three doctors growing up were Dr. Quintessenza, Dr. Giroud, and Dr. Martinez. All three of these men helped save my life whether it was through performing surgery on me or having routine check ups. I’m forever thankful for everything they’ve done for me these last 25 years.


Heart week from a friend day-4

One of my childhood friend Jasmine Gilgosch who has CHD is doing this heart week post on Facebook. I know allot of people not award of this and she gave me permission to post each one on my blog. I been following her story for a while and I believe you should too. Below is day four and I hope we all learn something because I’ll be posting all of them.

Day #4- Heart Warrior; I am the Heart Warrior in this post. I’ve fought through so much to get here today. I’ve fought through heart related traumas as well as other traumas life has thrown my way. This last summer I had a huge wake up call and I am so, so happy to be here. I wasn’t supposed to make it to five and yet here I am. I’m finally pursuing my dreams and making a life for myself. I never thought I’d make it this far in life due to heart related and non-heart related issues. I know it’s a little late in life to get started and I still have some worries about my future but I’m determined to fight for as long as I can and make an amazing life for myself.


Lurking in the shadows part 2

On the second day, his friend calls him back and ask was he ready to go by 9 am. He quickly replies yes I’ll be ready. He didn’t think his friend would ask him again when he already said yes to help but his friend was just making sure.

Winifred his buddy came and got him by 9 am, Vincent the young man was ready to go. But for all the wrong reasons. His plan was to go back and do some more research on the property.

They got there at 9:30 am and started to lift the furniture in the moving truck. She had a lot of furniture left over so it definitely was going to be a long morning for them. Around 12 pm they took a break. Vincent decided to take a walk around the property to understand it better. He pinpoints all the cameras and the alarm box’s around the property. Out the blue, he made a bold move and ask one of the residents how’s the night time security? and the resident replies that they suck and are useless.

He was pretty happy that he got a lot done before he went back to help move the rest of the furniture. He even founds out that the grandmother was staying in a different room tonight. He decided that he will steal the money tonight but the only problem with that, he had to find a way to get in the villa while it was locked.

When he was outside throwing away junk, he notices a side door on the side of the Villa He realized this was the way to get in. He just had to keep it unlock until him and Winifred left the probably. They left around 4 pm and he was able to keep the side door unlock. Now he just waits for nightfall.

I’m getting the hang of this, writing a random story can come to good use and I hope you enjoy the read. Stay tuned.

Lurking in the shadows part 1

On a cold chilly night, a young man is walking the streets wishing he wasn’t broke. He was so tired of being broke, he lost track of his mind.

He often thinks of ideas but never follows through with them because he is lazy and doesn’t wanna earn it. Instead, he looks for areas that not busy so he can steal

One day, a friend call him for some help. Some old lady that lives in a nursing home was moving. She asks her, grandson, to find some young body’s so they can help move the stuff. Surprisingly the young man agrees and tags alone.

They greet the security at the gate. The security check everyone I.d, he kinda didn’t want him to check his but he ends up showing it.

When he entered the place, he notices how junky it was. He also notices money laying around the apartment but he knew he couldn’t touch it.

One hour in, he scans the whole house like he was finna come back and sadly, deep in his mind, that exactly what he was going to do but how? The place is locked down with security. But he notices the security look lazy during the day so he wonders what they look like at night.

He knew he had to come back that night or his mission to steal from the lady house would be a disaster. All he needed was a plan.

Stay tuned and find out what happens next and I hope you enjoy the read. Trying something new and I hope ill be consistent with it.

Chilling on the leaf

I took this picture today before I took my daughter to the water park.

I found it amazing it was just sitting there chilling like it was waiting someone to take a picture.

I was able to move it to a safer location in my back yard because there was a nice storm coming plus I didn’t won’t anyone to touch it.

If you able to snap a good picture, take it. You’ll always remember it and you can show other people.

Today was great, had a fun/chill time today and I hope you did too.


Cursory of my report

https://worBefore I put my security report in the binder I double check it to make sure it is correct.

I sometimes look over other officers report and I see so many mistakes. Like I could tell they didn’t take their time reading over their stuff.

No matter where you are, always check your what you reading.

You never know what you’ll miss.

Take ya time going over things, every detail counts.

Today been a drag for me but it slowly got better and I wish you a good day.

Blast From The Past #2

I made this post back in 2011 after a break-up. This was also one of the first writing I’d share with my friends. Suprisely they all like it and understand it well. I hope you do too and I wish you a good night. Oh yeah, the post was named Things You Shouldn’t Hear!

To me, I don’t think you should hear things you don’t want to hear about that person you really like or even good friends with. Some people just jealous and like to start rumors or the stuff they say can be true if you don’t know that person very well or you just saw it with your own eyes and you actually hang with this person to find out what they can do. sometimes you sit back and wonder, how many people did he/she done this to before you. And if they easy which most people you will meet today are. I wouldn’t do nothing to them, even though you do..but you just can’t, you half to find more about them before you can even go that far with them, even if you like them allot. Then you realize you got love for that person and you try to be there for them if you can. Ya’ll both the same and can understand each other and hearing stuff about them just have you thinking?? should you keep trying? or go find somebody else to like. Or keep trying, but if they choose somebody else over you, just move on no use of trying.

Then again if they are known for being a player and playing with people hearts and trying to talk to everybody they see, which you will see in this small city we live in. I pretty sure you have noticed it with your own eyes, but you don’t ask questions, you just sit back and chill until something come up. But when a person says oh yeah we are messing around, she does that and this, even your own family try to tell you.  You’ll be curious, you think to yourself. How many people did they mess with before they even mate you, and what type of stuff they have done to them, but then again it’s always a saying, don’t trust nobody. Whoever they trust, did a fail job, if they talking behind their back and telling you these things but you witness it for your self. What more can you say, they just don’t have true friends if you ask me and sometimes you wonder why they call that certain person names and etc but then again they also a lair and you half to watch out for that. But true friends are very hard to come by, but when you recognize someone as being a true friend then you should do your best to hold on to them. Just because someone has been in your life for a long amount of time does not necessarily mean that they are a true friend, which she/he didn’t even learn yet.


This word matches my week in a way. At my job I usually get plates from the dietary workers.

You see, they are not allowed to fix plates for the employees which suck because the food they don’t use. They throw away which is so dumb to me. My job can feed a lot of people if they didn’t do that and they don’t even feel guilty about it.

My friend Katie is a captain and she is very nice. Monday I ask her for a plate but it was busy as hell that day so I told her to fix the plate and leave it on the counter so I can come back and pick it up later. 

Steve someone who is higher than her in the kitchen saw the plate and probably threw it away because later that night I went to look for it and couldn’t find it. I didn’t know Katie message me on snapchat telling me what happens. So I knew why it wasn’t there.

I felt guilty until the next day when I find out she didn’t get in trouble. Usually, the employees get fired when they get caught sharing food with other people. I told her that next time I’ll just wait and take the plate just to make sure this doesn’t happen again. 

There some things in life that are out of our reach and you may feel guilty about it. Just know it won’t last forever. Today is sunny, might go for a good walk… maybe because it’s hot lol but I do wish you a good day!



Does anyone remember laughter? I was watching a live concert of Led Zeppelin one day and they were performing the song stairway to heaven which is amazing so you should check it out. Matter of fact I’ll try to see if I can share the link and just to give you a heads up, it’s 10 minutes long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbhCPt6PZIU

But that is a serious question I ask myself daily because people always be looking mean for no reason. It’s like people don’t wanna smile or laugh anymore, I see this all the time at work with workers, residents, and visitors that come to the property to visit their loved ones. 

If you ask me do I ever talk to happy people at my job and I’ll answer yes I do and it’s always a pleaser because they bring so much joy and you can sit there and laugh about anything. Even some of the old heads at my job can make you laugh with ease.

But that’s the beauty of it if you ask me. Even at that age they still find time to smile and laugh their life away while they in pain every day. Even my daughter makes me laugh the most, funny little girl. I remember when I was teaching her how to do the monkey bars at the park one day and the first thing she said was Be Careful! lol… image being told that by a two-year-old to this day I still laugh.

Laughter is good. I hope you laugh every day and I wish you a good day!




Today, I’ll just talk about my daughter. She was born on 9/14/15 in Orlando Florida around 12:00 pm. Her birthday is also 4 days after mines which is sweet lol. She was supposed to be born on the 17th but as you can see that didn’t happen.

Whenever I’m feeling down and out I’d take out my phone and look at random pictures/videos of my daughter to brighten up my day. It always works.

One thing I notice is how fast she has grown in the past 2 years. It felt like yesterday I was holding her in my arms telling her welcome to earth lol. You know that room where the babies get their first shots at where the dads go to after birth? Well, my daughter was the only baby there that didn’t cry when she got her first shots which were cool.

But that’s the beauty of it, watching someone grow rapidly right in front of your eyes. She already talking to me on the phone now and she even likes to video chat which is always fun because she asks loads of questions lol which I don’t mind.

I can think of a lot of ways to use this word but talking about my daughter is what came to my mind when I saw the daily word and I wish you a good day.