I enjoy when I introduce my friends to my blog. They’re so supportive that it always makes me happy when they comment on my writing saying that I’m a good one or I should write a book one-day.

I appreciate all the love they give me. I even ask for their honest opinions and they always right.

Never be scared to introduce your work to your friends or just people in general. You never know, they might just love it.

Only a few friends know I blog including some family members but I do plan to introduce more to my blog over time.

Work is going smoothly and I’m happy about that and I hope your evening is going well.


When I was living in Orlando Florida at the time. There was a lot of places to have fun at if you knew about them.

I tried my best to try different places. Orlando was a big city and had allotted of stuff to do.

Walking to Waterford lake to Winter Park Plaza to the fashion square Mall and many more.

But my favorite was Waterford lakes. Probably because it was the first place I visit when I arrive in Orlando. So many stores and food places. They also had a big-time movie theater there. Oh, and the ice cream was always lovely. And if you wanted to shop for clothes they had that there too. I use to love going to Five Guys. Yeah, their food was high but they were always good.

Another favorite place of mine was Winter Park Florida which is the outskirts of Orlando. During the winter it always felt nice there. Going to Wawa before work and getting a French Vanilla Coffee was always a blessing before I’d to clock in. I also got subs because that was my dinner almost every night but I’d no regrets.

No matter where you live there will always be places to go. Even if you go out town like. Learn the area and try something new.

I hope you’re having a fabulous day and I wish you a good one if you not.

Random #1

Today was a normal day for me. Had to do 12 hours today because of we one guy short at my job which is cool. I don’t mind the extra money for my VA trip.

Early in the morning, I was talking to an older friend of mines who I see at work sometimes. She asks did I go to church and I told her not really which was my honest answer.

She texts me back and said for real Johnathan? sometimes you’ve to go. That’s the only way your spirit going to be saved. You sound like a friend of mines. He doesn’t believe in god and I’m a believer so I go to church. That’s how we wake up and have our jobs and cars. Because of the man above and you should believe that!

Now don’t get me wrong. I  know what she trying to say but I told her Understood. But I didn’t say I didn’t believe in god. I just don’t believe you’ve to be in a church building to be saved or even your spirit. I witness a lot of good spirit people and they still did bad things while they went to church. I also told her never compare me to your friend. I’m not him.

I believe you should try to build up your spirit yourself. You don’t need someone to tell you what to do when it comes down to your own heart. You have the power to tell show people how to live without being judged by others.

Being faithful to your goals, sharing your stories with other people or bloggers and you should always be grateful no matter what because certain can help you in the future. But I feel like as long you have a good spirit, it shouldn’t bother you.

A Friend

I know we all have that one friend that we hold close to our hearts and we will do anything for them if in our power But let me tell you little about my special friend.

You see, I have this friend that I knew since 2008. She randomly sends me a request on myspace one day and I accept it. Even though we didn’t know each other I knew we would become good friends and maybe more in the future.

She was always that friend I can always talk to if anything is on my mind. Anytime I have a problem she was there and she always gives out some good advice even though it’s tough love.

Anytime I’m around her it’s always a good vibe, her voice brings calmness and her smile will brighten your day no matter how you feel.

I’ll always love this friend, she brings so much joy to people lives including mines and I love that we talk every single day and it’s always a special moment because she brings peace to my mind. 

If you have a friend like mines always hold them close and be there for them just like they’re there for you and I wish you a good day.


Juxtapose The Two Brothers

Two brothers who were born with a power that only gods can contain but they were only human.

Both brothers were strong leaders in their village.

One master earth and healing powers and the other one study water and swordsmanship.

Both had a strong will in their village but one had a weak heart and the other had the strong heart to get things done no matter what it was.

Both brothers also had rivals from other villages but they always stood tall.

Both brothers came back from the dead with other village leaders to protect and save the world.

Both brothers were able to change the world in their village and they were both fears by many but also a hero to many.

Both bother died protecting the people they love and to protect their village from any danger.

Even those both brothers were different in many ways you could always compare them side from side because they had strong love from their village and family and died protecting them.

Seem like another gloomy day today but I doing gate duty so I’ll hopefully stay dry and I wish you a good day!