Strong Friend

I’ve got this friend who been going through allot for the past couple of months. She actually lives right across the street from me which is funny because we never thought we will ever live close by.

I watch this friend go through pain every single day of the week and there nothing I can do but listen to her problems whenever she feels like opening up. But don’t you hate that? when you have a friend who goes through allot and there nothing you can do. You just wish all their pain, problems, bad health all go away. I feel this way every single day when I see her post a status reaching out for help.

Recently this friend finds out she has Lumpus which suck for her and now she slowly going blind one of her eyes. Her vision also ain’t that great either. I won’t say everything about her but let just say her life is going downhill. 

But I notice one thing about her. She never gives up on life. She still tries to find hope the best way she can. One thing I’ll say that no one can’t say she didn’t try to support herself. I see her do it every day. Hell, even now she still trying to plan a birthday party for her 4-year-old. Even though things are crashing down around her she still has time to think of her daughter party. Not many people can do that.

You going to watch someone you love go through a lot of pain. but that doesn’t mean you can’t be there for them. You might not can’t help much but a listening ear is always a blessing to them because at least someone took the time out to listen to their problems.

Never think you’re alone, there always that one people who wanna help and to take your pain away. Just be great in life and be eazy.

My All-Time Favorite

My All-Time favorite is these five for now. I’ll explain why I love each picture below.

dau 1

This photo was taken on her 2nd birthday. She took ten pictures that day and this was my favorite one. I like how she poses for the picture because I can tell she is having fun and she really was that day. It’s hard to get kids to smile but when you like to smile yourself it runs in the blood.

dua 3

You can tell by my eyes I was super tired that day. I just got off from work doing an overnight shift. Had to drive all the way home back from Orlando which was 2 hours drive to make it to my little sister high school graduation. I promised her years ago I wouldn’t miss it and I didn’t. Always keep your promise, definitely when it’s your little sister.


This day, 9/14/15 the day my daughter was born. Before the nurse lady told me and my friends to put the cameras away. My Ex-girlfriend best-friend snaps this picture. Before she snaps it she put the words on the yellow thingy. I honestly forgot what it was called lol but this picture will be forever my favorite.

dua 2

A friend of mines took this picture of me when I was looking out into the water. Just thinking about life, the water was nice, the weather was nice and it was peaceful because it was empty that day too. I was always told standing by the water is good, you should try it.


I remember this night. It was the first time I got invited to a bonfire. It was nice sitting down with friends and talking about life. We also ate marshmallow and smores. We later played games that night. Overall it was a good night and I’ll always remember it. And I don’t know why the fire looks like that lol… I can’t remember if they did something to it or just how the picture took it.

These are my top five favorite pictures and I’ll never forget them. I hope everyone is having a good day and I wish you a good first Friday.

All-Time Favorites“>All-Time Favorites


Looking back in the past can be a good or bad. Just depends on how you do it. I sometimes think of the past just for good memories… well I try.

Like the past events that happen in the world. People love to bring them up, definitely on Facebook. I don’t mind the good ones but the bad? I just dislike when people use the bad past event for their own good to get their point across. But I just ignore and understand the past and wish it didn’t happen the way it did.

Or when you just have that one person who loves bringing up the past just to make people feel sorry for them and that is so annoying.

You have those people who like to down talk you or somebody else and they will bring up that person past like the person didn’t know what they did but I like how they don’t care. They just laugh and say I know what I did… glad you remember because I kinda forgot. That was the best response I heard when I was in the park listening to two people argue one day.

People going to bring up the past all the time but that’s okay. If you learn from your mistakes then you shouldn’t care. Your past can bring up happy moments or sad. Just think of the happy moments and you should be okay 🙂 I wish you a good day.



Three weeks ago I found a flower that looks just like this but was small and was dying in my backyard, I took the flower and place it right in front of my door so it can grow back strong and healthy.

I was always curious about how it looks when it was healthy and what kind of the twisted way itll grow.

While walking around in the garden area at my job I notice I’d the same plant but smaller.

I find it pretty cool I was able to recognize the plant from home. And now I know how it looks when it’s bigger I’ll take good care of it. It’ll grow twisted just like this plant at my job and I really can’t wait.

<a href="Twisted“><a href=””>Twisted</a&gt;


Broken? A word we all can relate to. A word is seen in others and yourself.

Being broken inside can hurt allot. Pain that we don’t understand but it’s there. There to make us stronger in your own way. 

I myself dealt with it before and I learn a lot about myself. Doing things I enjoy help me. Certain t.v shows I enjoy to watch help me. And certain people who I enjoy talking to help as well.

Seeing other people broken can hurt me a little like you wanna help but there nothing you can do. You can sit there and talk to them about their problems but you know deep down inside they still hurt.

Being broken can be painful. Like 2 weeks ago I put my favorite glass cup in the freezer and forgot to take it out. My great uncle gave me that cup before he pass away and it sadly broke in the freezer. I was so broken by it because it really was a great big cup but it was also a family gift that can never be replaced.

You can learn a lot from being broken. But that okay. That’s the time to learn about yourself. You also going to see a lot of stuff and the pain of others. But I believe you should worry about yourself because only you can make yourself feel better.

It seems like it’s going to be a rainy day today which kinda suck lol but hey that Florida for ya, I wish you a good day and I hope you have better weather than me.


A Friend

I know we all have that one friend that we hold close to our hearts and we will do anything for them if in our power But let me tell you little about my special friend.

You see, I have this friend that I knew since 2008. She randomly sends me a request on myspace one day and I accept it. Even though we didn’t know each other I knew we would become good friends and maybe more in the future.

She was always that friend I can always talk to if anything is on my mind. Anytime I have a problem she was there and she always gives out some good advice even though it’s tough love.

Anytime I’m around her it’s always a good vibe, her voice brings calmness and her smile will brighten your day no matter how you feel.

I’ll always love this friend, she brings so much joy to people lives including mines and I love that we talk every single day and it’s always a special moment because she brings peace to my mind. 

If you have a friend like mines always hold them close and be there for them just like they’re there for you and I wish you a good day.


Juxtapose The Two Brothers

Two brothers who were born with a power that only gods can contain but they were only human.

Both brothers were strong leaders in their village.

One master earth and healing powers and the other one study water and swordsmanship.

Both had a strong will in their village but one had a weak heart and the other had the strong heart to get things done no matter what it was.

Both brothers also had rivals from other villages but they always stood tall.

Both brothers came back from the dead with other village leaders to protect and save the world.

Both brothers were able to change the world in their village and they were both fears by many but also a hero to many.

Both bother died protecting the people they love and to protect their village from any danger.

Even those both brothers were different in many ways you could always compare them side from side because they had strong love from their village and family and died protecting them.

Seem like another gloomy day today but I doing gate duty so I’ll hopefully stay dry and I wish you a good day!



Every year I enjoy saying happy Memorial Day to people who serve our country. I’ve uncle and cousins that did 20 years plus to make sure we stayed safe. I even have friends that serve and I pray that they always make it home safe.

Happy Memorial Day to people that serve. I have the utmost respect for every single one of you and I hope you enjoy your day.

I also wanna thank the soldiers who protected us until the end. The sacrifice you made cannot be replaced. 

I can’t wait to see the old residents that serve in WW2 today, They always tell me old stories on how the war really was and I’ll say it’s an honor to listen and to learn about it. So many people pass but they died protecting us and you should feel honor.

Today should be a good day, it was supposed to rain but it may hold off until later. Like always I wish you a good day.


Famous eh?

I remember back in 2004 my great grandmother had passed away. I was only 12 at the time so I understood what was going on.

See, my great-grandmother was famous in the family to me. She kept the family together for many years and you didn’t know that until she pass away. After she pass my family became distance. Not all but some

I remember when walking to the neighborhood corner store, she will be sitting on her porch in a chair just saying hey to people. She will always ask me to buy her some chocolate candy and I did. I believe that was her favorite.

I never realized how famous she was until her funeral. So many people came and I mean allot. My great grandma wasn’t any celebrity but she was to the family and her friends.

You don’t need to allot of money to be labeled as famous. Just being yourself is always the famous life if you ask me.

There a tropical storm traveling next to Florida. Speaking of Florida, we famous because of the hurricanes and the sunshine state. Right now it’s doing just that lol. I can feel the winds a little and it feels nice and I wish you a good Sunday!



I know I never use this word but I did hear it allot when I use to watch Vampire Diaries which I haven’t finished yet but it’s a good show.

But I also think of my daughter. So many people always say she looks just like you! Like she is your twin! I pray you never ask for a DNA test because you’ll definitely pass it! I heard it all lol.

I really don’t mind though. I just find it cool someone can look just like you but be their own person in life.

Below you’ll see two pictures of me and my daughter when-when we little and I must say I’ll never deny it.

Never feel bad if your child looks exactly just like you. It’s always a blessing. It supposes to rain all day today and tomorrow so this will be one gloomy weekend but I do wish you a good day.

Me in 1993

me 1993

my daughter 2017


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