I was born a premature baby, but it hasn’t affected me in life. But I do know people who were born premature and they had health problems. I guess you can say I was blessed.

When I found out I was premature, It didn’t bother me much. I was still able to take regular classes, still, play sports and yeah I got hurt a couple of times but I still heal up nicely. I’m saying I was able to live a normal life even though I came into this world early.

Just because something comes early don’t mean it’s a bad thing. Like the city bus coming early can be good or bad I just hope it’s good for you. Or getting to work early is always good. We had this co-worker who came an hour and 30 minutes early and we never knew why lol.

Even my daughter came three days early which wasn’t bad at all, she was just ready to see the world. 

If you were born prematurely I hope you living the best life with no regrets and never allow anyone to bring you down. People going to judge you but hey that’s just life, there will be that one people who will always have something to you and don’t allow them to get to you.

The gloomy days seem to be over in my city, that means a good day at the park is in order and by the way I wish you a good day!


Infect Life Of A Friend

I’ve got this friend who I have known since 2007. Freshman year of high school.

She was always nice and fun to be around. She was always caring and did what she had to do in life to survive.

This friend recently had been infected with the disease call Lupus and it sucks.

I watch her go through a struggle with life every day. She also a mother and she a good one too.

She doesn’t let this disease stop her from living life. She still goes to work, take walks in the neighborhood, play with her daughter in the front yard and it seems like she likes the beach too.

I learn from her ya know? She goes through pain every day but walks around like it’s nothing and I’ve respected her allot just for that. They’re going to be a lot of stuff that going to get in your way but you must fight through them.

I hope you have a good day, the sun came out today but it’s still gloomy lol. Florida weather is on that bull.


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The Two Thin Pieces Of Bread

Y’all know the front piece of bread and the last one? The two thin pieces everyone skips for some reason and don’t understand why.

Well, I wasn’t that person. I actually like those two pieces and I know they will always be there because my sisters and brother always skip them. They will try to throw them away and I’ll stop them in their tracks.

I always believe no matter how thin something looks it’ll always be useful in life. Like there a thin chance I might get wet today going to work and that going to be annoying lol. It has literally been raining for the past three days now and it sucks.

I do hope you having a good day and I wish you a good one.

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I’m not going to lie to you, I’d to google search this word to remember its meaning. If you ask why? It’s because when I hear the word pedigree I think of Triple H from WWE.

But now that I remember I think of my family and I was always curious about where we came from.

I remember at age 19 me and my ex-girlfriend track down my father and on that night I met a grandmother I have never seen before and my Auntie on the same night.

My auntie told me a little about the family and where we come from and that somewhere in, South Carolina deep in the woods. We even had our own language and I also found out I’ve Native American in me which was cool.

My mother side? Can’t really tell you much. I know they came from GA, SC, and NC. But I do know we have certain family members trying to find out more about the family. I’m pretty sure when I go to the family reunion next month in Colonial Heights Virginia I’ll learn more about the family tree.

I believe we should learn about our family tree, it may take a while but it’s all worth it in the end and I wish you a good day.

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Slight. It has been a while since I heard this word. But when I do I think of the small things in life.

Like little kids for an example. So small and innocent in life you wouldn’t dare to hurt them and if you do I wish you bad luck in life. Having a daughter made me realize how much I actually care for kids. I mean I always did but it became stronger. Like I dislike when I see little kids walking home from the bus stop alone. I couldn’t do it. I’ll miss hours from work to make sure my kid gets home safely and I hope you do too.

Or I remember back in 8th grade I took my sister and brother to the bus stop that early morning. On my way back home I took a different route home. I don’t know why but I didn’t care. When I got closer to the alleyway I kept hearing this meow, meow, meow. I knew immediately it was a baby kitten because it sounded so weak.

I stop and stood there for a minute and notice it was probably a day or 2 old but was strong enough to walk. A minute I later it was trying to follow me home. I look at home one last time and said to myself I can’t leave you here. I grab the baby kitten and took him to my front porch. My grandparents were still sleeping so they didn’t hear him.

I got ready for school, grab the kitten and walk to a neighbor house who was a cat lady who lives down the street. I knock on her door and told her what happen. She told me I’m glad you brought him here and I said I couldn’t leave this small kitten outside it would have died.

I honestly don’t know what happen to that cat after but I’m sure it had a good life.

The small things will always matter in life just don’t overlook them and I wish you a good day.

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Core eh? besides working on your core when you at the gym, I can only think of family.

A family is the most important thing to me because no matter what they will always be there to teach you a lesson. 

Like an example, I have a friend who dislikes her mother or hates I can say.  Every time I talk to her I always mention she should go see her mom or at least say something. You both can’t be mad at each other forever. Which is possible but we don’t want that to happen. I do hope that they both makeup soon because I know deep down inside they know the family is important.

Another example, my little brother, and grandmother been mean to one another lately. You can say it’s just family drama but I also feel like they taking this over the top because being mad ain’t going to change the situation. I hope they both understand that one day. 

You going to disagree with family all the time, get rid of the bad ones and try to keep the good ones close to your heart because the love you feel will always be important to you and I wish you good day.


Place In The World

I believe I’ve two places in this world and that is being in mother nature or under water.

Being outside always made me feel better, even if the bugs are being annoying which is most of the time but I don’t mind it.

When you smell fresh air and looking at beautiful animals what more can you ask for? Being under the trees just to stay cool. Feeding the squirrels or birds and just taking pictures, reading a book or even working out. So I’ve no need to care for the bugs.

These pictures was taking at my job which has a mini forest with lots of special flowers and trees. They even have flowers from west Africa which is cool in my book.

Being outside is always a good thing when it’s not smoking hot and the rain? Just don’t get wet lol. Enjoy the outdoors and I wish you a good day.

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I hardly ever hear this word but when I do. I can only think of the car accident I’d back in 2015.

I remember like it was yesterday. I volunteer to work more hours in Lake Mary which is outside Orlando Florida. They were this tennis tournament somewhere in Orlando and I had to stand outside the team rooms. Just to make sure they were safe or didn’t walk around at night since they had to be up in the morning.

On the 15th of April, I was heading to work on a raining day. I was on the highway going to the Lake Mary Hilton. There was this white car driving right in front of me and it was kinda going fast. I didn’t realize how fast it really was going until we were about to make a turn and for some reason, the car slams its break right in front of me.

I was at least going 65mph, but surprisingly I was able to switch lanes at the last second. I was able to miss the car but I lost control of the wheel and Skewed right in the guardrail.

So many thoughts were going through my head before I hit that guardrail. I remember the hit and everything. But luckily my car was able to do a complete turn, so I only felt the side hit and I also had my seatbelt on. 

I wasn’t hurt at all in the crash, I mean I didn’t even get a scratch on me. But my car? it was gone, the first car I ever had is total. The state trooper said I was blessed, he was also quite surprised I didn’t have a cut on me or didn’t feel any pain.

Since that day it always bothers me driving in the rain behind people but that didn’t stop me from living because I know life can change in any direction and I wish you good day.



Forest eh? interesting word to use today but like always, I have some words.

I never really been to a forest before. I just never felt the need to go. But when I move to Orlando Florida back in 2012 with my ex. The University Of Central Florida had a nice nature trail near the campus. You honestly had to walk just to get inside. 

This trail was a beautiful walk, it wasn’t a forest but they build it like one. The ground had white sand like the beach and it looks so lovely at night time that you couldn’t help but walk the whole time.

The trees were tall and made it look like a forest but they were always good to look at. The trail also had dirt but only in certain areas like wayyy in the back if you did walk that far.

The trail also has little animals but nothing serious. I honestly saw deer the most but they never attack people, a couple of snakes if you lucky, all type of birds and many more.

Oh, walking at night with a clear sky with no lights which the trail doesn’t have is beautiful. The moonlight shines bright like the sun, and you can see the stars more clearly. It’s also so peaceful at night because most likely you’re there alone. 

I visit this trail when I was down and out. Being in it made me feel alive because it was a wonderful place to be. Even if you see other people you can easily hide or just take a walk in a different direction and you will lose them and probably won’t see them again. and yes you can sit in the area. 

Explore your city and find out what forest or natural parks you can find to spend time in and I wish you good day.


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