Sitting By The Fence

Relaxing on a beautiful day, sitting by a small pond, watching the birds hang and talk to each other. The fresh smell of cut green grass fills my nose while I read this book. Trees looking healthy and the sky is super blue with pretty clouds floating around. Watching random people playing sports nearby, dogs having fun running around the area, I may not be alone but today is nice.

This is my favorite spot to think and maybe take a nap. You can too if you just imagine yourself being there. 



Growing up, my grandparents used to play jokes every year on April 1st. It was probably the only time they will ever joke which was always cool to me and my siblings.

Now that I’m older, they don’t really play jokes anymore. Probably because they have gotten old or I’m not little anymore. I won’t ask but I’ll always cherish the memories of them joking around.

Making people laugh is always a good thing because most people don’t remember how but if you do, just laugh your life away.

Today is hot like 😈 himself paid a visit and left angry lol but I do wish you a good day.

Moiety Of Family

One day a father crafts a big ax and a long steel sword. Both made with iron black sand from his homeland.

Two brothers. Both born at the same time who will wield these powerful weapons to protect their homeland.

A sister, the bastard child who was 5 years older than her two brothers. She wields her mother bow which was bind by strong love, anger, and power.

The sister attack the Homeland of the two brothers. So strong she was able to divide the land into two parts with her own power.

Daze, hurt, and confuse the two brothers was in disbelief. Despite their feelings, they knew she had to be stop. The land was divide now. One of the brothers asks their father why he made these weapons. He told his sons that one day someone close will wanna see this land divide. Just be ready to fight when she comes

I made this whole thing up but I also may continue it. I hope you having a good day and I wish you a good a good Sunday.


 Flourish is becoming a good word for me lately. The flowers I plant near my door has been growing fast lately. Probably because we had a lot of rain lately, or I’ve them in the sunlight or I water them well before I leave for work. Either way, you’ll always be the cause for something to flourish.

Another example will be how fast your kids grow. Took my daughter to the park yesterday because she asks lol, plus she been good lately. I was teaching her how to ride her bike yesterday. I always told her mother that she can ride that bike, we just have to teach her. Even though it was hot like a hot oven, she still had fun and learn the word pedal that day. She just has stay forces when you tell her to pedal. I know it’ll take time but I can’t wait for the day she does ride.

Or if you have a pet dog or know someone with one. I found it cool how fast they grow right in front of your eyes. As long you take care of them and raise them right they will be good friendly friends with you and other people.

Allot of things grow fast right in front of us, we just have to pay attention. 5 more days until my trip and I can’t wait, I also wish you a good day!


I enjoy when I introduce my friends to my blog. They’re so supportive that it always makes me happy when they comment on my writing saying that I’m a good one or I should write a book one-day.

I appreciate all the love they give me. I even ask for their honest opinions and they always right.

Never be scared to introduce your work to your friends or just people in general. You never know, they might just love it.

Only a few friends know I blog including some family members but I do plan to introduce more to my blog over time.

Work is going smoothly and I’m happy about that and I hope your evening is going well.



I feel bad for people who struggle in life. No matter what they do it’s always a brick wall blocking their path to living a successful life. But I notice no matter what, they always came back on top and I took a liking of that. 

I think it’s amazing when you can lose everything to your name but if you work hard and never quit. The things you lost will come back. It may not be the same but at least you’re doing better enough to rest easy when you sleep.

I also feel bad for people who are always depressed but scared to reach out because people may judge them which is true. I see it all the time on my Facebook. Random people asking for help or asking for help using random memes or quotes by famous people. But yet besides being positive, they wanna be negative to that person and that’s something they don’t need.

I always try to be that good person and message them and ask if they okay. Some respond some don’t but at least I feel for them.

Sometimes we feel bad for people in this world we live in but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check up on them, even if they a stranger. If you feel their heart then you’ll know their pain. Their words will always get to you and if you know someone like that just check up on them and wish them a good day.

Being Near The Water

I was always told in my church going to the water to speak your problems was always a good thing. Seeing the bright blue sky just relaxes you, being near the water calms you down allot. You feel like every single sea creature is probably listening but you don’t care. Just being by the water is all you care about because it’s always a beautiful sight to see, feel, hear and experience. 

If you haven’t gone by the water and talk, I suggest you do. You may feel better after. You don’t even have to swim. Just sit and relax. I also wish you a good Sunday!


Frazzle Daily Promt

When I see this word, all I think of is being tired and that exactly how I felt lately. Tired from work got me beat but I put it all on me since I ask for the overtime. If I wasn’t taking this trip to Virginia I probably would have said no lol. I already said yes to a 12-hour shift on Sunday. Even though I’ll be frazzled by all this, I know it’s worth it in the end.

I go to the gym after work almost every night.  I am tired after work because of the beating from the sun. Like no joke, if the sun didn’t kick my butt throughout the day I wouldn’t be so tired. Like Sunday the heat was intense. I mean every day the heat was intense but Sunday it just seems like it was really saying hello and wouldn’t leave lol. But even though I’m beat tired I still went to the gym that night and probably stayed for an hour until I couldn’t go any longer.

Or another example when I take my daughter to the park and she starts to play around. you will think she will get tired but nope. Even when the sun is beating her butt she still playing around like it’s nothing while I sitting down just watching lol. I do run around with her and boy I be tired lol. My great uncle told me a couple of years ago that you better start jogging. I ask him why and he said you will understand in a year or 2 and now I see lol.

Allot of days you’re going to deadbeat tired but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your day and speaking of your day I wish you had a good one!


I’ll always base my life on honestly. I just feel like that’s the best way to live, you can also avoid so many situations by just being honest.

Bad things can happen when you not honest with a person like for an example. I’d this friend did something with a girl couple of weeks ago. Soon as it happens the girl said they were in a relationship without even telling him. He founds out a good 2 weeks later and he felt bad but mad at the same time. They end up talking and he explains to her he just wanna friend. He blames himself because he misses all the red signs that were right in front of him. Confusing situation but could have been avoided if she was just honest from the start.

Being honest have its good perks too. People will respect you more, like you more, people will be able to understand you better if you honest with yourself and them. And people probably won’t get mad at you if you honest with them from the start. I have seen people get fired from my job because they were dishonest but could have been avoided if they were just honest.

Having strong principles is always a good thing. Just remember that when it’s time, to be honest with someone. 

The humidity has been high lately and it sucks but today is gate duty day for me so I’ll be in A/C. I hope yours is not high like in Florida and I wish you a good day.


When I was living in Orlando Florida at the time. There was a lot of places to have fun at if you knew about them.

I tried my best to try different places. Orlando was a big city and had allotted of stuff to do.

Walking to Waterford lake to Winter Park Plaza to the fashion square Mall and many more.

But my favorite was Waterford lakes. Probably because it was the first place I visit when I arrive in Orlando. So many stores and food places. They also had a big-time movie theater there. Oh, and the ice cream was always lovely. And if you wanted to shop for clothes they had that there too. I use to love going to Five Guys. Yeah, their food was high but they were always good.

Another favorite place of mine was Winter Park Florida which is the outskirts of Orlando. During the winter it always felt nice there. Going to Wawa before work and getting a French Vanilla Coffee was always a blessing before I’d to clock in. I also got subs because that was my dinner almost every night but I’d no regrets.

No matter where you live there will always be places to go. Even if you go out town like. Learn the area and try something new.

I hope you’re having a fabulous day and I wish you a good one if you not.

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