This word can only relate to me when I see bad little kids in the neighborhood, adults taking a stand against someone or growing up with bad sister and brother.

 Growing up, my sisters and brother were bad but my sister who is two years younger then I was the worse.

She rebelled the most out of the four. I mean I did once but that was me being stupid and it never happens again. I remember when she was 15 she ran away from home to a cousin house. We spent 2 weeks trying to find her until one day my big cousin came over and ask me do I know any of her favorite spots.

I thought about it and said yeah. Bartlett park which was 10 minutes away by walking. We jump in the car and drove around the neighborhood and what did you know, there she was walking with 3 other girls going somewhere. I jump out the car, approach her and said come home.

She didn’t try to argue or run. She knew she was caught right when she heard my voice. my sister got in allot more troubled after that but if you asking how she doing now? I’ll say she is doing good. She got two kids and she does her best to work and live life. 

Every now and then she will come over to our grandparents’ house and sometimes I’ll listen in. She admits that she was a hand full and that she wishes she would have listened more. But that’s the beauty of it, she notices her own mistakes and admits to it. That tells me she finally gets what I was saying all those years ago.

If you going to rebel, make sure it’s worth it. No need for you to look stupid and I wish you good day.



Does anyone remember laughter? I was watching a live concert of Led Zeppelin one day and they were performing the song stairway to heaven which is amazing so you should check it out. Matter of fact I’ll try to see if I can share the link and just to give you a heads up, it’s 10 minutes long.

But that is a serious question I ask myself daily because people always be looking mean for no reason. It’s like people don’t wanna smile or laugh anymore, I see this all the time at work with workers, residents, and visitors that come to the property to visit their loved ones. 

If you ask me do I ever talk to happy people at my job and I’ll answer yes I do and it’s always a pleaser because they bring so much joy and you can sit there and laugh about anything. Even some of the old heads at my job can make you laugh with ease.

But that’s the beauty of it if you ask me. Even at that age they still find time to smile and laugh their life away while they in pain every day. Even my daughter makes me laugh the most, funny little girl. I remember when I was teaching her how to do the monkey bars at the park one day and the first thing she said was Be Careful! lol… image being told that by a two-year-old to this day I still laugh.

Laughter is good. I hope you laugh every day and I wish you a good day!




Today, I’ll just talk about my daughter. She was born on 9/14/15 in Orlando Florida around 12:00 pm. Her birthday is also 4 days after mines which is sweet lol. She was supposed to be born on the 17th but as you can see that didn’t happen.

Whenever I’m feeling down and out I’d take out my phone and look at random pictures/videos of my daughter to brighten up my day. It always works.

One thing I notice is how fast she has grown in the past 2 years. It felt like yesterday I was holding her in my arms telling her welcome to earth lol. You know that room where the babies get their first shots at where the dads go to after birth? Well, my daughter was the only baby there that didn’t cry when she got her first shots which were cool.

But that’s the beauty of it, watching someone grow rapidly right in front of your eyes. She already talking to me on the phone now and she even likes to video chat which is always fun because she asks loads of questions lol which I don’t mind.

I can think of a lot of ways to use this word but talking about my daughter is what came to my mind when I saw the daily word and I wish you a good day.



I remember growing up, I wasn’t the type of person to flaunt. Honestly, I couldn’t even flaunt growing up. 

I didn’t have the nice things like the other kids in my schools or on the streets did. But that didn’t stop me from being grateful for everything I’ve in life.

Like for an example, I talk to this woman every day. She gets her nails done every two weeks. I ask because I notice on her snaps she always has different colors nails. 

I offer to pay for her nails whenever she gets them done and she loves it because no one ever pays for her nails but that just tells me that she is grateful. 

You see that? I can flaunt that I pay for her nails to people but I don’t. We both keep this to ourselves because it’s the right thing to do and what’s the point? people going to see them when she going to work and etc.

Even with my daughter, If she already has the main stuff she needs I’ll buy her couple of outfits for her and have them sent to her mother house. No one really knows about this because I just don’t flaunt it.

We all have a choice to flaunt or not. I just hope you make the right one and I wish you a good day 🙂



Blast from the past #1

Every once in a while I’m going to share an old post I did years ago. I sometimes like looking back on my writings just to see where I was at the time in life. But I hope you enjoy the read and have a good night.

Today, it mostly rains all day, but not long, it was a cloudy day as well, but it couldn’t help. I and my little brother had a 2-hour talk today, but I need to set a pray for him, I don’t think he understands life like he should, but instead, he acts cocky and will try to down talk you. I’m unsure what made him like that, but I do pray he learn. I also met old cousin today that I didn’t see for years, but I was happy to hear her family is okay and doing well. I bought subway today, that’s the only thing I actually ate all day to be quite honest with a drink and cookie on the side, I also had milk and cereal. I was blessed that I talk to 3 church girls today for 22 minutes and I’m very thankful for that as well. I learn so much today and looking forward to speaking with them on Thursday if I live to see it. I also to learn allot from my cousin I met at the family reunion, I felt her pain in me for the stuff she told me and talk to my baby girl all day as well.

I wouldn’t say today was all that special, just some things you can’t change in life, but you live through it as well, I pray for everyone I know, but this all I’ve to say today.  


I can think of a lot of things when I hear the word bubble. Like just yesterday while working before it started to rain for a whole hour which sucks by the way because it got super busy.

Across the street from my job, there was this little girl and her dad playing with bubbles and you can see they were having a fun time. 

Before it started raining, I was able to speak to the dad and he told me that was her first time playing with bubbles. He explained to me that he was always worried that something bad will happen if he let her play with bubbles. But as a dad, that happens. Even with my daughter, she surprises me every time I take her to the park because she had learned something new and I’m a proud father when she does.

But he realized why keep her in a bubble? let her experience this stuff while she is little. Besides she is a kid.

Live your life to the fullest and stop being trap in your own bubble. There are special things to see and try in this world. Just have a smile on your face when you do it and I wish you a good day.



Mentor… perfect word to use today. The only mentor I’d in my life was my step-grandfather.

As far I can remember he been teaching me stuff most of my life. I remember the first lesson he gave me at the age of 4. I and my little brother always had piles of clothes on the floor. My mother didn’t really care but he did. He went to the nearest store and bought us a basket. He told me when you are done wearing these clothes put them in here and wait until your mother clean them. I remember the first time he taught me how to wash dishes which was annoying lol. Being the oldest in the house meant I had to do most choirs until my sisters and brother got older. He even taught me how to do yard work, working on cars, fixing stuff inside the house, how to cut down trees/ taking care of flowers which my grandmother help but I learn more from him. Let just say he taught me allot about life.

I remember growing up whenever my sisters and brother got in trouble, he would talk to all of us in a group instead of one on one. He uses to sit for hours and talk and talk and talk. As a little kid/ young man that was annoying lol like man, sitting down in a chair for an hour had your booty hurting but I also knew it was all love and that he didn’t want to see us go down the wrong path like most of my friends did.

Even though he’s my step-grandfather, I’ll always see him as a father figure because he didn’t have to help my grandmother raise us but he did. Yeah, it was hard but it made me a stronger person in life. Even till this day, he will come over and give me some advice about life and now that I’m older I just sit there and listen like the good old days.

I hope you enjoy the read and I wish all of you a good day.

<a href="http://Mentor“>Mentor


Tide… It’s funny they pick this word today because this morning I went to Vinoy Park which is the most beautiful park in Saint Petersburg Florida if you ask me. 

It’s just so beautiful that’s hard to explain, like if you ever visit here please check the park out. You won’t regret it. I wish I could have taken some pictures if I knew this word was going to be used today. The sunset is nice with the ocean in the background like you really have to see it with your own eyes.

If you ask why I was at the park, I was supposed to meet an old friend of mines who I didn’t see in a year. We were just going to hang out like old times but sadly her little sister didn’t have to take her exams today and she didn’t tell my friend until the last minute.

Yeah, I was bum out but when I turn to my right, all you see is the bright blue sea and you can smell every bit of it, Now that I have a video because of snap chat lol. Sio hopefully I’m able to upload it. Sadly I couldn’t but I was able to screenshot the video.

Sitting there felt good, waving to everyone that walk, jog, and ride pass me. They all had a smile on their faces so I know they were somewhat happy and probably was enjoying their walk. I even seem some people working out near this tree oh and I also saw a couple taking some pictures near the water, you can tell they were in love.

I enjoy my time at the park and walk all the way which took like an hour but it was a good walk. I hope you enjoy this read and I wish you good day.



I remember being told I was a very observing person and I can’t even deny it.

I just feel like you have to notice everything around you no matter the location. I guess you can say I learn that from security. With all the stuff I witness in Orlando made me think of life differently.

I notice people in this day of age like to use people badly and it’s so sad. I got people in my life right now would never talk to me but will call or text to ask for some money like they don’t already owe me. Like just yesterday I’d a friend told me I didn’t look out for her because I didn’t buy her a gift for her birthday because I wasn’t able to. I gave this friend money when I could and for her to say those words told me she shouldn’t be my friend anymore. Notice the bad people around you and get rid of them.

You should also observe your surroundings. In this crazy world, we lived in, you just never know what could happen in public.

I believe being observing is good, it saves you a lot of time dealing with people that you shouldn’t even care about. We observe people, life, and this world every day and we don’t even know it but that good if you ask me because it’s better being safe then sorry.

I hope you enjoy the read and I wish you a good day!

<a href="http://Observe“>Observe


So, this is the first time I’m doing this challenge and I hope I did okay.

Today I’ll mention my job because it’s unlikely I’ll be here in the near future. Don’t get me wrong I love this property but even I know I cannot work here

for ever while doing security.

This place will always be beautiful to me and I’ll always have love for the residents and some staff members.

Wasn’t long but I hope you enjoy the read and the photos I was able to take.

<a href=”Unlikely“><a href=””>Unlikely</a&gt;

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