So, this is the first time I’m doing this challenge and I hope I did okay.

Today I’ll mention my job because it’s unlikely I’ll be here in the near future. Don’t get me wrong I love this property but even I know I cannot work here

for ever while doing security.

This place will always be beautiful to me and I’ll always have love for the residents and some staff members.

Wasn’t long but I hope you enjoy the read and the photos I was able to take.

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It took me a while to think of a way to use this word and this is what I came up with this because my job or just the stuff I see in life can be very interesting. We never think about these words until challenged to do them and I’ve happy I did. It helps in life.

I notice while working or just being out in public, people can be so rude these days it’s not even funny. Like my job for example. Some of the workers there are cool and some are just blah like why you here? what cause you to be rude every day? do you dislike your job? I believe they do and they always have a different attitude which I’ve noticed.

There is no need for you to be rude all the time. change your ways and try to get rid of your negative energy because there is always time to do things differently in life. People will notice the change in you and will probably come around and maybe care for your life and you’ll care for theirs. 

Sudden changes happen in our lives and it cannot be helped. Be free and just do you.


Letter to a friend #4

My best friend was really annoyed with her car today and it causes her to have a bad day. I spent most of the day thinking how I’m going to make her smile when I return home and I came up with this.

Love is when having someone with you and share so many amazing time together even we know we can not always be together. Some random old lady told me that on the phone earlier today and I found it funny that I immediately thought of you when she hangs up the phone. But you notice right? How we have so much love for one another but hardly ever saw each other over the years. Even when I move to Orlando we still remain best friends and I wanna say thank you for that. I must say you never did me wrong as a friend which is why I have the utmost respect for you. You are special and beautiful in all your ways. Your kindness, your mind, your way of thinking, your opinions, your style, your charisma, your eyes, your smile and your body. the way you deal with life and the way you understand me out of all my friends and I found that special to me. I understand you’d a bad day and I hope these words made you feel better. I love you and I hope you have a good night sleep.

She didn’t get this message yet because she is sleeping but I know deep down inside she going to love it.


Sleeve The School Days

I remember growing up I never wore sleeves in school or in school period, I honestly hated it. Even when it was cold. I felt like I didn’t need a jacket to wear when it was cold outside. I just hated wearing long sleeves period, until I got older.

Growing up, the old heads used to tell me to wait until I get older you’ll be wearing a jacket just like everyone else. My other family members just call me young bull with tough skin( well some). My grandmother always got on me about wearing a jacket. Leaving for school in the morning when it was cold was hard because she will be up and to make sure you on a jacket before you left her house but I took it off when I got to the bus stop.

High school was always funny to me when it was cold outside. Seeing other students with their heavy jackets made me laugh a little. They always use to ask me you ain’t cold bro? you going to get sick bro, man your bones don’t hurt? do you even get cold? Truth is, yes I do but it didn’t affect me like everyone one. 

Now that I’m 25, I enjoy wearing my black jacket. Sometimes it doesn’t even be cold and I’ll randomly put it on and just chill. Oh yeah, The old heads were right about the getting older part. I feel the cold and it affects me much better now and boy it sucks. Plus I do security and gotta ride this jitney around work so I can pick up the residents and take them to their location and I dislike when they call because that wind chill hit ya hard

I caught the flu for the first time because of the cold weather and that was just last year. I took an hour and 30-minute walk home in 35 degrees weather and caught the flu 3 days later and that shit was depression but I learned my lesson and that is to always take care of yourself no matter what because we only have one body.

This is my personal experience with the word Sleeve but I’m sure we all can use this word in so many ways. I hope you enjoy the read and I wish you a very good day.<a href="http://Sleeve“>Sleeve


I hardly ever use this word until today. When I see this word I think of one thing and that’s the day the mother of my daughter told me she pregnant. I could use a lot of examples but this is my favorite one.

Me I’m a boobs guy, so when I couldn’t touch her boobs for some odd reason I knew she was pregnant. I didn’t say anything at first but deep down inside I knew she was. I also notice her body was slowly changing. I notice all this just be paying attention to her and I was also worried.

I was able to sit her down one day and convince her to go to a free clinic and get a test and she did.

One day at work she picks me up. I was tired that day because I got called in the day before to work the overnight shift plus mines in the morning. So I didn’t get off until 3. I got in the car, we didn’t pull off at first and I was about to find out why.

She looks me dead in my eyes with a little smile and said congratulations! you’re going to be a father! I was shocked at first that I was going to be a dad. So many questions were going through my mind like are we ready? I’m ready to be a dad? I wonder how she really feels? is it a boy or girl? If you wondering… it was a girl lol.

Either way, I was happy that I was going to be a father and surprise at the same time, even till this day I can’t believe I’m a father to a little girl, She is now 2 and our birthdays are 4 days apart which is funny but cool.

This was the most surprising moment in my life and I’m glad I was able to share it with ya’ll. Hope you have a good day!

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You know… when I hear the word tantrum I automatically think of a little kid who behaving badly because he or she didn’t get what they wanted. I know this because I have a kid myself and two Nephews who are spoiled rotten. My daughter doesn’t really behave badly around me but I’m sure she does it allot around her mother. Same with my Nephews I just say stop once and they cool.

But I’ve noticed other people don’t have that control over their kids. I see it all the time and it’s sad. I’m not saying the kid’s parents are bad but it’ll be nice for a chance to go grocery shopping without hearing some bad kids crying because they couldn’t get this toy or snack and etc. I just give my daughter a bag of grapes or my phone and she good to go lol.

While doing security I also notice that us adults have tantrum from time to time just worst if you ask me. I can’t tell you how many times I’d to calm down a person because something didn’t go their way old or young. I even find myself a little temper headed sometimes but it’s not that bad compared to other people I know or saw.

In my opinion, we all can get a little upset sometimes and it can’t be help. It’s just in our nature to get mad about something in life. Just some can control it better than others.

This is just my personal experience on what I see every day of my life, I could tell ya allot more stories of what I witness at work or home but I feel like this all I should say, I hope you enjoy the read and have a good day!

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When I hear the word rivulet, I think of water or just being near it. I remember back in 2012 I join this Sabbath day church.

They always mention that if you need somewhere to talk, always go near the water like the lake, beach, pool or just by water period. I took their advice and tried it and it was always peaceful.

I felt like your mind was clear as day when you just sitting down by the water talking to your own self about your own problems in life. I realize I felt better after talking near the water. It was also cool seeing the random fishes jump out the water like they knew I was there and wanted to tell me that they was listening.

It always felt good being by the water, I even bought friends with me and told some to even try it and they all felt better afterwards.

I remember the first time I went on the boat, jet skiing, kayaking all in the same day in Orlando Fl, at this church member house. He also had a big pool with a waterfall in it and I can’t tell you how many times I jump from it lol. Fun times and I’ll do it again if I ever have the chance too

I also love to swim like I feel so much better under water. I also see it as a full body work out which was always good to me. I remember after high school throwing pool parties with my friends before our lives got busy.

I learnt over the years that being by the water is always a good thing, make sure you know how to swim too, just encase… you never know when you might fall in the water lol. This is my personal experience being by any water that I been around and I sure we had some good and bad experience with water but we’re still here to tell it. Hope you enjoy the read and have a great day

<a href="http://Rivulet“>Rivulet


So far, this word means allot to me this year because I was honor by allot of people like at my job, home, friends, family and just life in general. I was also able to help them the best way I can.

Like this year I was honor by my job for this 110% group which is good news to me because I do try to work hard to make sure we don’t lose the contract and that also means I haven’t been late or miss a day of work and tons of overtime. They also choose me to compete for the best security officers in the state of Florida in my company. It’s a good feeling being recognized by the higher-ups.

I also help a couple of people out this year. That’s always a good feeling when you able to help someone. No matter what it is, seeing someone smile or being happy because you were able to help is always a good feeling. The world is cold and I feel like we need more good-hearted people walking this earth. I know they out there but they never get cheered for unless it’s a friend or family.

When I hear this word I just think of good things, either you talking about yourself or someone else. We can all help someone and someone can do the same for you. One thing I learn, you never know who watching you. You should always do a good job with everything you do in life. If you can help DO so, another happy life means a happy world if you ask me.

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I pretty sure that we all partake in everyday life activity’s. I try to partake in many events that I get invited to or hear about on Facebook.

I partake in family/ friends gathering’s because they can be fun. Partake in your kids life if you have some and maybe your little nieces and nephews.

Always try to partake in life because you’ll never know when it’s your last day.


This is just a post about my honest opinion of co-parenting. My home-boy ask me earlier today of how do me and the mother of my daughter co-parent without any problems.

Simple… worry about yourself and try to be a great dad. Yeah, the breakup is going to be hard for you and her. Trust me, she is thinking about it more than you but that pain you both feel will slowly go away and that’s the good thing.

Soon you’ll start to see her more as a friend, you still stay care and love her but you know being apart is best for you and her. She may have allotted of goals she wanna achieve in her life and she is going to do what’s best for her and the baby and you should be doing the same.

You also need to understand the mom life and know it’s not easy for them and I mean all of them, they struggle with things that you don’t even know and they probably will never tell you. You shouldn’t be mad either, as long you there for your kid, that’s all she going to care about. Oh, take them to the park or movies and etc just have allowed her to take a break.

This is my own personal experience with me and the mother of my daughter. Yeah, we bump heads a few times but I had to come to realize she had my child and I shouldn’t be trying to stress her out. I became to understand her life with all the responsibility she has. I learn just to be there for the child, Yes I ask her if she okay a few times but I mostly call or text only about my daughter and that how it should be.

You’ll always care… well I hope you do but in the meantime just be a good friend and a perfect father.

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