It was a wonderful day, not too hot or cold but just in the middle but you have already been warned it was going to be cold tonight.

Went to everyone’s house to eat delicious food because everyone cooks differently and you’d to do all this before work but you were already warned that you’d to go in tonight.

On my patrol enjoying the cold weather. I’m wearing all black so you can hardly see me. I turn the corner and see something interesting and wow some teens are trying to rob us, let me warned my co-worker.

I walk up slowly and yell AYE! what is y’all doing? I notice it’s just two young teenagers. A boy and a girl.

I warned them and told them not to jump the fence, the police are around the corner, we have a beam system right in front of you, we got cameras from both angles. Do you really wanna come to this property? I ask them but warned them at the same time.

This happens a few years back at work on a Thanksgiving night. I gave the teenagers warnings of what will happen if they decide to jump the gate. We spoke for 5 minutes then they left.

I do hope they learn a lesson that night. They have been warned and not many people do that. Good day folks! And I hope you have a good Saturday


Jentacular 1/8

Early Saturday morning, just waking up from a nap that I should have taken earlier.

Sour taste in my mouth, I know what’s but don’t care. I’m quick to grab a drink of orange juice just to get rid of the taste.

I notice it’s 5 am but sadly I don’t feel like being up, combine a bowl a weed with tobacco now I’m slowly falling back to sleep.

Waking back up, the girl that was laying next to me is nowhere to be found but I can smell something that I love to eat in the mornings.

I walk to the kitchen and there she is cooking our favorite dish and that’s pancakes. Yum yum yum… I also smell turkey bacon and eggs but I only want the pancakes because to me that’s the best breakfast ever and happy Friday!


Picture On Grandma Wall 1/6

Helping my little nephew with his school work and his break about to begin at 12:30. He doing online classes for some who don’t know.

Just got done doing three sets of push-ups which were 10 diamond, regular and wide. A new technique I’m trying.

I look up and notice this picture with a bald eagle on the wall with a saying that includes the word Pride and it reads…

Pride is a personal commitment. It is an attitude that separates excellent from mediocrity.

Hopefully one day I’ll understand these words.

Nudiustertian Day 1/5/21

The day was long and rough. You wanted to discuss some things but I wasn’t in the mood.

You text my phone and blow it up but I ignored it. You call my phone many times. It got annoying but again I ignore it.

You’d the nerve to walk down to my home but didn’t cause a disturbance. You sat and smoke a whole black n mile while I was gone but didn’t make a mess.

You knock one more time before departing but didn’t knock hard enough because you didn’t want to wake the old lady next door whose back door was accessible.

You walk back home sending me a long message explaining what happens to hope I will respond but I don’t. But just a few days ago we were the best of friends texting none stop.

It can be today, yesterday, the day before or before or before. Do not expect to talk to someone all the time. They do have a life and need their space at some point and you as a good friend have to respect that. I hope everyone has a promising day.


Balk Of Lessons 1/4/21

Sometimes the man upstairs is going to send someone into your life and that person is going to mean a lot to you but you quickly realized this person is a learning experience.

But this is a good learning experience but bad for you because you don’t understand what’s happening. All you understand that you like this person a lot but they so annoying because they telling you all your flaws that you think you don’t have but in reality you do.

You are going to have that person who is going to be hard on you in life. Even if you don’t like it just accept it. They honest enough to speak up while everyone else stays quiet and allows you to live as you please. But I feel like if a person not telling you about your habits then they’re not right for you.

That tough love and hard judgment will be difficult. Definitely from the people you care for the most. Just understand they trying to help you and they care. Thank them in the long run because that means they played close attention to you while nobody else did.


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