Grieve 6/8

Grieving eh? Probably the one word I refuse to write about but today I’ll. I feel like we all should grieve when we can. It does not make you weak to grieve, either you do it around people or alone in your room. Just remember it’s okay to grieve and do it as long as you want to.

Like my girlfriend grieving for her Uncle that past few years ago. She doesn’t mention him all the time but I can tell she misses him. His nickname was man man. I could tell he was a good human soul just by the things she says about him.

Or a few months ago my favorite Uncle passes away from cancer. Cancer sucks by the way and I pray it goes away forever. You don’t really care for that stuff until it hit your family members, not knowing if they will live through or meet their end. 

My Uncle Vincent sadly lost his battle to cancer. He fought long and hard. I never visit him in the hospital but we did video chat and he visits whenever he could because he stays in GA. I regret not visiting him in the hospital, yeah he was a good 7 hours away but to me, there is no excuse. Always visit your loved ones when they in the hospital.

Watching my family grieve was the hardest thing, I knew they were happy that he didn’t have to suffer anymore but sad that he had to go. I’m honestly angry that he had to go, definitely from cancer but I grieve and understood. 

Never be scared to grieve and check on your loved ones.

Words 6/8

Today is going slowly so far. I haven’t really done much besides playing the game, talk to baby mama and daughter, found out she had fun yesterday at the drive-through zoo and I’m happy about that. Summer camp opens back up today but I and her mom decide that it wasn’t ready for her to go back yet and that’s cool in my books. Now to the saying below.

                               Don’t skip breakfast.

I feel like this saying can go either way. I know if I had any money left over I’ll buy breakfast every morning from this corner store called Mama Phaze. I don’t go every more but I do go when I can. If I have lots of money then I and my girlfriend will go out to breakfast together.

I honestly don’t mind skipping breakfast if needed. Growing up my grandparents always cook breakfast but I guess when I move out that didn’t follow with me. I’ll make lunch before I cook breakfast. Sometimes after I get off work I don’t even eat beside junk food. Yes I know it’s bad but let me live for now.

Skipping breakfast is all up to you. I honestly feel like it depends on how you feel in the morning when you wake up or return home from work but eat what you can.

Regardless or not, all breakfast food is good to me, some love eggs like me and some hate eggs like my best friend, what breakfast food do you like to eat?? Can’t go wrong with pancakes and eggs lol.

Victory 6/7

Being victorious in video games is always a good feeling to me. Doing PVP matches, playing with friends trying to get higher is always a challenge but worth it once we became victorious.

Or watching your favorite football team beat their rival, watching your friends win without you, watching someone become successful in life, or watching your kids triumph over something that they had trouble with.

I remember few months back I was playing this fighting game that was an online PVP match. My whole random team went to attack. If you a gamer you’ll know most players don’t like playing a tank or support in my case, I was a support class that I don’t mind.

Toward the end of the battle, they all died leaving the little old support alone. Let me remind me I only have one attack move but I also had two heal moves as well. If I wanted to win I somehow had to balance my heals and my attack move and by the way, it’s 3 vs 1 lol. It was 4 vs 4 but one died one was good for me.

Before they all rush me, I quickly check the battle log to see what level they are and realized they had two players that were lower than me. Being a high level doesn’t really matter in the game, just tell the other player how long you been playing and at that time I was playing allot because the game is fun. While they rush me I quickly attack the lower ones and ran from the main one. Lucky for me, just like my team they didn’t have a healer so I knew right then I was able to attack away because honestly? what can they do? they use their main skill I run and heal and attack. This planning work until I face the main one who was skill as me.

He knew not to attack full force but at the same time, he can’t heal. All I had to do was attack dodge and heal then BAM victory was mine.

So no matter what, never give up because victory is right around the corner because you never know when you gonna win.


Words 6/7

Today wasn’t that bad, been cloudy all day, the sun did come out but only for 5 minutes. Today is my grandfather’s birthday. The old man turned 87 years old today. Taught me everything I know from kid days to adulthood days and still today I learn from him if I visit or talk to him but now to the saying blow 

Consequences follow every decision.

This is true if you ask me, every guilty thing that we do we automatically think of the consequences that follow. I guess that’s the human in us. It’s easier to say to don’t do anything that requires consequences but hey like I said we’re all human. 

Like me eating a lot of food during the day and paying the consequences later that night, or eating a nice bowl of cereal and crying later, or feeding my daughter junk food half of the day and hearing my baby mama fussing at me about it lol or not taking that little cat nap before work then falling asleep later.

We all can think of tons of examples when it comes down to this saying, I low key wanna hear some.

I hope you all had a good day today.

Words 6/6

Just now doing a post at 10:31 pm and it has been raining all day lol. I didn’t understand why it was raining until I check the reader and realized there is a tropical storm chilling over us. Just lots of water that we have to deal with but besides that today been lazy for me lol but now to the saying below.

If someone offers you a mint, take it.

I honestly laugh when I first saw this because I thought to myself how can I write about this without talking about people?? well, sadly I fail so here we go.

Like my job, I love talking to my residents but sometimes Nah lol, certain one’s breath be kicking. Do I say anything? nope! just keep a smile on my face and continue the conversation.

Or growing up, one of my great Uncles who used to stay next door from me always carry peppermints. I remember going to his place and every time I went he always offers one. Being a kid I always took it, saw it as candy lol but my breath smelt good though.

But I honestly feel like you can take this saying in many different ways. Like if someone offers you advice take it if someone offers help takes it. Take anything that’s gonna help you in life either if it’s a struggle or a breeze. You’ll just never know unless you take it.

I hope your day was good and if you live in Florida stay dry because we gonna have a wet one tonight lol.


Sweetie 6/6

Good morning sweetie ❤ 

I’ve some words for you to start your day.

While it rains all night at work, all I could think about is you and how far we have gotten so far in this relationship. I’m blessed to even have met you because anything could have happened differently that night but instead, you got my digits and we been rocking ever since. Your smile lights up the whole sky whenever you smile, you’re so beautiful in so many ways that other woman can’t compare, your skin is so smooth that I always wanna cuddle up to you like a baby boy, your voice is so calm but always felt in my heart and your body? I’ll keep it PG lol but just know I love it and I can’t wait to show you how much I do. You’re the best mother I know, no matter what happens in life you always put him first, you were always there for him and you did what you had to make sure he was good. I love you deep down and always will. We have our ups and downs but I feel like we can’t leave each other alone but I believe that’s the love we have for one another. Can’t wait when things get back to normal and I can’t wait to see you. God bless you and I hope you have a good day.

Fallen 6/5

I feel like we all fallen for something or for somebody and that’s okay because we are all humans.

Some has fallen in love with someone, either it was good or bad but we all been there before.

Some of us know a few fallen hero’s either it was military or people they know personal.


No matter how you fall just remember you can always get back up and remember to also tell someone that too.

Words 6/5

Today has been dull so far, honestly, since last night I got to work it has been dull. Mostly rain all day. Funny, it rain three days in a row now like we weren’t getting this last month lol but still I was able to get things done… now to the saying below.

The things around you are never as important as whose arms around you.

No lie, I kinda like this saying, I just feel like if you down and out and simple hugs could make you feel better when that love is strong.

Like for me, whenever I hug my daughter, I always feel that love. Now that she is getting older she kinda knows what the word love means. So it makes it so much better whenever she randomly hug me or when I’m hugging her goodbye until next time.

Or when I have a long day with my girlfriend whenever I’ve some free time I can feel the love in the hug because she knows I won’t be free until the next weekend. I always feel the love and it makes me happy.

Or whenever I visit my grandparents and my little nephew, everything when I leave, my little nephew gotta give me a hug without me asking. Always a good feeling and I’ll always cherish it.

All these hugs are important to me and I’m sure we could all related somehow. I hope your day had a sunny sky unlike mines lol.

Worship 6/4

I honestly feel like you can worship anything you like. Some may disagree, some may love it but as long as it makes you happy then keep on worshipping it.

Over the years, I never really worship anything that I didn’t care about. I did go to church but didn’t like going. People think I worship the Vikings because I’m a big fan of Thor which is funny to me. But I don’t let the comments get to me. 

My grandparents tried to get me to worship their god but like I said before I didn’t like going to church or like what they believe in. My grandfather turns a different soul and starts going to this Presbyterian church that wasn’t too far from home.

For some reason, I didn’t mind going there, became close to many people there, and still cool to this day. When I met my baby mama. She went to sabbath church and again I didn’t mind going or worship of what they believe in. When I was in Orlando Fl, I went to the Mormons church but didn’t like how it seems to rush to marry and etc. I may not attend their church anymore but I met some cool people and did some fun things that I wouldn’t mind doing again.

Worship in anything you want to believe in. People always gonna judge you but their opinion doesn’t matter. Don’t be scared to teach them what you know and show them why you worship this besides that even if they don’t agree. I learn to never judge what people worship because I saw happy faces in things I couldn’t be happy in but instead I’m happy for them and don’t mind learning new things to worship in life. Maybe one day I’ll have a change of heart with certain things but only time will tell.

Words 6/4

I’m back with another saying from the book Wise Dogs. Also, I hope your day is going well. Today is my girlfriend’s son’s birthday, little dude turns 4. Funny next month will be me and my girlfriend 2nd anniversary, then after that, it’s her birthday month, then after that, it’ll be me and my daughter’s birthday month. Busy busy busy lol.

Take A Chance.

You should always take a chance in life or at something that you wanna do. Me and my girlfriend been thinking of a hustle to have extra money. I ask her what is she good at beside selling weed. She doesn’t do that now but she did when she was a teenager. I told her we’re not taking a chance doing that but if there is something you’re good at, take a chance and try it. If people like it then we will make money, just like I could take a chance doing massage that I learn from massage school but that a chance I won’t take for personal reasons.

Just like last week, my daughter went to a place called Rainbow Springs State Park. The water there is 6th feet deep. My daughter is only 4 but can swim a little. I ask her mother if she could teach her because I notice our daughter is fearless and doesn’t mind taking a chance. She honestly did well, Her mother sent me videos and pictures of her swimming and I could tell she was having fun and wasn’t scary at all.

We live day by day but chances come at us a few times per year, Take them. Never know what will happen if you just take that one step. If you can, encourage others to take chances too. 

I hope your day is going good and I wish you a good one!

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