Worship 6/4

I honestly feel like you can worship anything you like. Some may disagree, some may love it but as long as it makes you happy then keep on worshipping it.

Over the years, I never really worship anything that I didn’t care about. I did go to church but didn’t like going. People think I worship the Vikings because I’m a big fan of Thor which is funny to me. But I don’t let the comments get to me.Β 

My grandparents tried to get me to worship their god but like I said before I didn’t like going to church or like what they believe in. My grandfather turns a different soul and starts going to this Presbyterian church that wasn’t too far from home.

For some reason, I didn’t mind going there, became close to many people there, and still cool to this day. When I met my baby mama. She went to sabbath church and again I didn’t mind going or worship of what they believe in. When I was in Orlando Fl, I went to the Mormons church but didn’t like how it seems to rush to marry and etc. I may not attend their church anymore but I met some cool people and did some fun things that I wouldn’t mind doing again.

Worship in anything you want to believe in. People always gonna judge you but their opinion doesn’t matter. Don’t be scared to teach them what you know and show them why you worship this besides that even if they don’t agree. I learn to never judge what people worship because I saw happy faces in things I couldn’t be happy in but instead I’m happy for them and don’t mind learning new things to worship in life. Maybe one day I’ll have a change of heart with certain things but only time will tell.


Words 6/4

I’m back with another saying from the book Wise Dogs. Also, I hope your day is going well. Today is my girlfriend’s son’s birthday, little dude turns 4. Funny next month will be me and my girlfriend 2nd anniversary, then after that, it’s her birthday month, then after that, it’ll be me and my daughter’s birthday month. Busy busy busy lol.

Take A Chance.

You should always take a chance in life or at something that you wanna do. Me and my girlfriend been thinking of a hustle to have extra money. I ask her what is she good at beside selling weed. She doesn’t do that now but she did when she was a teenager. I told her we’re not taking a chance doing that but if there is something you’re good at, take a chance and try it. If people like it then we will make money, just like I could take a chance doing massage that I learn from massage school but that a chance I won’t take for personal reasons.

Just like last week, my daughter went to a place called Rainbow Springs State Park. The water there is 6th feet deep. My daughter is only 4 but can swim a little. I ask her mother if she could teach her because I notice our daughter is fearless and doesn’t mind taking a chance. She honestly did well, Her mother sent me videos and pictures of her swimming and I could tell she was having fun and wasn’t scary at all.

We live day by day but chances come at us a few times per year, Take them. Never know what will happen if you just take that one step. If you can, encourage others to take chances too.Β 

I hope your day is going good and I wish you a good one!

The quickness of my life

A good word to use today because I feel like it relates to my life in a way.

Everything to me is happening to quickly. Just feel like things happen so fast out the blue that it can’t be explain. The property I work at went out and sign a new contract with a new security company. Usually it takes a few weeks or a month for the new team to sign on but nope! I guess my property wanted to get things on the roll.

In the mist of working and doing other stuff in life, I’d two or less then one week to apply for the job, take a drug test, get a new level 2 background check and etc in so little time with places still close. And like all security companies in my area their office is location in Tampa Fl, which is like a 20 minutes drive if I’m lucky to beat all the traffic.Β 

Before I could even go to the office I’d to take an online orientation which was 3 hours. Like why lol? but after that, I was able to find a ride to the office, pass the drug test and got my papers and uniforms.

This may not seem quick to you but me yes, just little time I was able to get all that done and I’m sure you can too. Stuff in life is going to come at you hard or soft but how quickly can you handle things? allot of people will say take your time doing everything you do in life but hey why not be quick with certain things.





Words 6/3

I plan on trying something new on my blog post this year, and I’ll do my best to keep up with it. A couple of days ago one of the residents gave me a book called Wise Dogs. It’s a 95-page tiny book with lots of sayings. Yep, 95-page book. So for the next 95 days, I’ll do my best to post a saying and talk about how it relates to my life from past to present.

Don’t Live with the brakes on.

When I read this, I feel like I kinda understand it.

I just feel like it’s telling me to live my life to the fullest without the brakes. Make mistakes, learn new things about life, do your best in everything you do, travel the world if you are able, and just live.

We may sometimes get struck and life slows down for us. kinda sad when we can feel it slowing down, you feel like you’ve to stop certain things but that’s not always the case. I witness residents going across the world without no brakes, friends going to new areas that they’re not used to, old people that 100 plus years old and still pushing and many more.

Do not be scare to live without brakes, allot of things gonna try to stop you but just remember, keep living without brakes and I bet you go far in life.

Slowest creature on the block 5/20

Minding my business taking a walk at night while smoking my black, but this walk is a good patrol walk with many tiny creatures like this one moving slowly on the ground.

I only see these during the summer at my job. They come out more when it rains. I do my best to watch my step at work because they are everywhere and blend in with the sidewalk color if you’re not paying attention you’ll definitely kill one.

I never touch them. They honestly look yucky to me lol.

Here are two photos I took last night at work. I was able to get close enough, well it pretty much didn’t have a choice. I made sure it got to the grass. Watch your step when walking, you might crack a shell.

Caring heart 5/20

I found it funny even in today world people still try to use you. If you give your hand out to early to someone, that all they going to see you for and I see it so many times.

I notice people who give they all to someone but get treated like shit, I seen people who went broke just to make sure the person they love was straight, I know people who do allot but don’t feel the love and I know someone who does everything but feel unappreciated by the one they love.

As you read these words I know we all felt like this once while dealing with someone or just life but we all been there and got through it somehow someway.

There will be a time when you’re going to feel this way and it can’t really be help. Gotta speak up, gotta know your worth, know your feelings and understand what position someone has in your life. People come and go but some do stay if God allow it.

I do hope you’re having a good day. I’m honestly in a online orientation while I type this blog. It’s kinda boring, probably not going to like this new job… Maybe lol. Only good thing that we get paid every Thurday but I’ll just go with the flow.

Patient 5/15

Having patient is always a good thing. I was always told the older you get the more it’ll just thin out but there is always a way to fix that to me.

For me, I play video games throughout the day to kill time. Work out, bike ride. But playing these video games takes time because you’ve to learn the mechanic of the boss you’re fighting, have the be patient with the damage dealers then make sure the tank stays alive along with the damage dealers. To me all that take patient because we could die and mess up, your teammates don’t do a lot of damage, or the tank just keeps dying. After all that I’ve no choice but to be patient.

Or being patient with my little nephew when I’ve to help him with his schoolwork, having to sit there and wait because he doesn’t know what to do or don’t know have to work the programs they use. To me that takes patient because I could be doing something else.

Having to wait on things from the mail, job, people, or just stuff that involves life. I can put many examples down but I’m sure you get the point.

Having a patient is the key to life, even when we want to rush it. Just remember good things take time and patient and if you want it then you’ll wait. I hope we all having a good evening. Going to take me a cat nap before work… Well, try.


Lost Hope 5/15

We all witness someone going through it in life and deep down inside we wish we could help them allot but just because they need it doesn’t mean you’ve to offer it because everyone can’t be helped.
I say that because I tried it myself. there this friend my girlfriend has or so call a friend and she has a hard life. For some reason, I honestly felt sorry for her and felt the need to help her. Before I did I ask my girlfriend to make sure it was okay. Her words were you can if you want to, I wouldn’t want you to because she will try to use you, she a lair, she steals, won’t respect your place, will do her best to get over you. There is a reason why no one won’t help her in the first place.
Even with knowing all of them things I still decided to help. She also has three kids so she definitely needs it. I learn quickly that you can’t help everyone who needs it. She was honestly the worst person I ever help.
She lied like no tomorrow, took a few of my things but gave them back when I notice them gone. Sadly she wasn’t clean either and she was full of drama, always begging, say she will give you money for helping( Never Saw It Lol) and she uses your things without asking. Invite people over you don’t know oh oh yeah she also broke into my window at 2 in the morning. So yeah you can’t help everyone lol.
I dealt with this for two weeks before I got annoyed I ask her to get her stuff and leave. I met the girl sister too and she said she does this to everyone, don’t feel bad for her, she chooses this life when she can do better.
She gave me more details of her life and it was just bad. I honestly didn’t sorry for her anymore, I felt more sorry for her three girls. I’ll never tell or say to someone you don’t need kids but if I do she will be the first one.
No matter who you’re, if you need help, gladly take it. Do not take advantage of someone because they have a good heart. The stuff people will try is just sad. Some people actually wanna see you doing good for yourself and if you’ve kids you should be trying your hardest to make sure the good and to make sure your life is good so you can take care of them the correct way.

Things I’ve learn 5/14

I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on and that good, and it will be better tomorrow. I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he or she handles these three things: a rainy day, love, and how they treat people. I’ve learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you’ll miss them when they’re gone from your life so always be nice to them and look out for them when they get older same with grandparents too who took care of me all my life and I thank them for that. I’ve learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life. I’ve learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance, Only if you deserve it. I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life feeling sad and holding back things or taking a risk that you mush take; you need to be able to throw some things back or at least try. I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision but I always use my mind, because sometimes your heart can get you hurt and that not a good feeling at all. I’ve learned that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one and I don’t take it out on people and they wonder why I so quite I keep things to my self best way to go if you ask me. I’ve learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just friendly advice which I always give to good friends whoever need it. I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn in this cold world we live in. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did so don’t do any dumb things in life people will always remember it and it may come back on you, but people will never forget how you made them feel. And you will never forget how you made that person feel with the stuff you do to them, even if ya’ll don’t talk you will still have a love for that person no matter what happens to them or how far away they are from you, still love them just make an effort to see them if you really care about them. And I also learn it is bad to overthink things. overthinking is bad for you if you ask me. you will be thinking the wrong thing until you find out it not really true.

Hard-Headed Of My Mind.

We all been hard-headed in the past. Either doing stupid things, loving the wrong person, not listening when you should and just making life decisions.

Even today I still make mistakes when I know I shouldn’t. But yet I choose to be hard-headed doing something I shouldn’t do.

Like smoking near the auditorium area when I know I shouldn’t because just maybe someone will walk by and smell the smoke.

A co-worker who stole $10 from the lady purse when she was getting paid the same week. Just had to be patient. I’ll take $800 then to be fired over $10.

Or another co-worker coming in drunk to work on the job… Just being hard-headed and these people who are older than me.

I learn being hard-headed is just the way of life. No matter what we do, we gonna make that one mistake that we know we shouldn’t do.


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