Healing 11/19

Healing… A word we can use in many different ways but today I’ll use it in gaming terms.

Whenever I do games and play an RPG or MMORPG but mostly MMORPG games, even on the Xbox I still play them.

I like to play the tank or healing classes because I don’t like dying too easily. I’m one of the players who don’t mind being on the front lines but I still like to keep my team alive.

Playing a healing class can be good and bad. Good parts, you are always needed in groups. Easy to farm for gear. People tend to look out for you randomly, you can’t do much damage but unlike other players, you don’t have to buy health potions and many more.

The bad part of being healing?? Other players expecting you to keep them alive 24/7. Players who expect you to keep them alive but running away from the heals. Bad players blaming healers because they can’t stay alive throughout the dungeon and many more.

Even in a video game you’ve to learn how to heal on your own. Yes, we have people who could heal your spirits but if you can’t heal then you better learn how.


Adject 11/18

Being miserable in your own life can be tiresome. It just seems like no matter how many chances you get. You get knocked down every single time but you kinda deserve it because you never learn your lesson.

You get blessed more than others but you still do the wrong thing over and over that it gets to the point you make it harder for someone who did care for you to the lookout. You treat the people the best who cause you so much pain, the reason you have nothing and the reason why no one wanna help, the reason why your loved ones disclaim you, and the reason why you going through hard times. By now you’d have gotten the pictures by now.

It’s even worse when your seeds or family don’t wanna be around you. How much miserably can you take before you go to that dark hole if that ever happens?

Gotta do what’s best for you. You have the potential to achieve anything but you lack forces because of the love you’ve for someone. Look past them and you’ll be in a better place in life. I know it!


Morning post 11/18

Sometimes you get in these thoughts and you start to wonder about life. The words I have, I will, I believe, I can would most likely come to your mind and you know what? Not a bad thing. You just wanna do better for yourself and the ones around you.

Remember you’re the one who in control of your life, never be scared to challenge your ability because that can always become limitless.

You have the power to achieve anything you want in life and never be worry to transition to a new life because it can be hard or just be smooth.

You can conquer the world and abandoned them bad habits you trying to get rid of and find the good ones that suit your life.

I hope your morning is going well and I hope you have a good day.

Realizations 11/17

Sometimes you’ve to sit back and realized some things about your life. What can you do you make it better? Who to turn to? What goals you wanna complete, etc.

You gotta stop giving out so much love or even wait for it. Love yourself and love the ones that you care deeply for.

Respect yourself so others can. No matter how far you go in life, always show respect, and stay humble.

Eat freely but know when to watch it. I’m only 28 but can see the difference in certain things the older I get… This can’t be life lol.

I learn in massage school you should meditate and I agree. 10 minutes per day do the trick and go longer if you can.

And my last advice… I learned over the few months I found myself trying to please other people because I didn’t want to lose them but hey, sometimes you’ve to let do be and focus on your life. It’s already short so you should always do you.

Cat nap dreams 11/16

You dream of people telling you to leave. You can’t be here anymore and all you’re asking is why? Funny, they really telling you in your own dream you can’t stay here.

You remember feeling low about yourself, not knowing what to do, thinking of better ways to make you happy or at least feel something.

Before you awaked from your slumber. You remember being confuse about the whole situation because this is your dream.

But then you awaken from your slumber and realized it was just a dream but just because it was a dream doesn’t mean they don’t want you really there in real life.

Have a small circle, keep the ones you love close and never stop showing that love. Be Eazy.

Manifestation 11/11

Long day I thought to myself before I got home because I knew it’ll be a long day. Luckily for me, my coworker gave me a ride home from work. I wouldn’t have care to take the bus home but we’re in the middle of a hurricane so yeah I was thankful.

Before I went to my grandparent’s house to help with my little nephew’s online schoolwork and before the mother of my daughter drops her off I’d to manifest my time together and this what I came up with.

Think about the permanent outcome, just never know what will happen. Be your own person and always walk with positive thoughts and don’t let anyone kill your vibe. Never allow temporary position, you can always move up in life if you’ve faith and my last one, never be scared to try different locations. The people I’ve been dealing with lately show me some interesting things that I do enjoy.

I’m housebound in this house because of the hurricane. I even got an alert that we have a tornado warning too but hey I still have to work tonight lol. Hope your day is much dryer than mines and be safe.

Night Patrol Part 2 11/6

Another chill night down the drain. I’m more rested but still, feel tired for some reason.

During my foot patrol, I notice this small little creature going to the grass. I know in the pictures it doesn’t seem that way but when I got closer it quickly turns the other cheek like it senses I was there standing over it.

I was able to get close, unlike the creature from a few nights ago, this one was moving pretty quickly. I don’t know how big these things get with all these tiny legs but I do know they will make anyone jump lol.

Before I took this picture it ran into some dirt on the way. I was gonna walk past it but Nah I gonna post you on my blog later.

The second picture is when he turns around, so I’d like to drop down quickly to get a better shot. I wanted to get an eyeshot but I felt like I’d have to work hard for that.

The third picture is behind it. I don’t know where it was going but I know it wanted to get away from me. I didn’t see any big birds or anything that’ll find it delicious so I hope it got to the grass safely.

Night Patrol 11/5

Walking around the perimeter on foot because it’s kinda cool whenever I ride the jitney. Windy night as I hear the leaves and sticks falling from the ground making little noise but the air feels nice out so I can’t complain

Patrolling the villas on foot I look down and see this. I walk past it at first but quickly realized that I seen these things a hundred times but never seen one this small before. I was also able to get an up-close picture because they move so slow.

I honestly hope it does well out there on the property. I did help it get to the grass before leaving it so hopefully, it grows stronger but here are the pictures that I took.

The first one is the up-close one, I was next to it when I took the picture. Most people would have been scary but nope!

And the 2nd one I took standing up. I did have to zoom in a bit because it was too small to spot but hopefully you get the picture.

Can I Beat The Storm 11/2

On a chill night at work, I notice the sky is dark black with no stars. That tells me it’s going to rain soon or it’s just passing over.

Throughout the night it’s quiet as a mouse, no small animals walking around like they usually do, looking for food that the CNA or residents threw away earlier in the day. No white owls flying over, no coyotes walking by, no nothing but that was cool, less stuff to worry about.

5 am came, no resident taking their early morning walk or bike ride. No resident walking their dog or anything. Just pure dark sky. By this time you’d have thought the rain has come down by now but nope!

7:30 am came, still, the same weather just the sky’s are dark grey now that’s it’s morning. I miss the bus but I didn’t care. I’d my black hoodie and bike so I was sure I’d make it home before the storm comes.

I started to ride my bike down the road then BAM! It hit me, a small raindrop. I knew immediately this was bad news. That means all that rain I saw on my phone before I left work is going to come down. I knew I should have stayed an extra hour to be safe but nope! I wanted to go home.

Halfway on my bike ride it started raining. Usually, I wouldn’t care about the rain but this rain was coming down hard and fast. I quickly got soak since I was riding into the rain and I could tell by the wind. I wanted to stop but didn’t. I kept moving and moving.

I got home, I was soaked like a wet dog that was taking a bath, and still, when I got home it was light raining lol. I learn my lesson that day, for one just wait and chill, no need to rush home if you going to do the same thing when you get home and if you riding the bike, suck in your pride and take cover, I’m really lucky I didn’t get sick but I hope you enjoyed the read and have a bless day.


Listening 11/1

A few days ago, my girlfriend got mad at me. Let me tell you what happens.

We were both at work. She also does security at night just like me, just she was doing a 12h shift compare to my 8h. We both work at residents’ homes. The best perk when they throw away old things and on that night my girlfriend saw a nice long glass table that was perfect for her new apartment

Sadly the table couldn’t fit in the car so she had to call a friend to pick it up. Before that, we talked about me coming to get the car but I must’ve miss heard her. She told me if I didn’t had a ride home from work then come get the car but I did had a ride and went there anyway ( didn’t listen clearly).

I got to her job. She told me where the car was so I went to go get it. Let me remind you that I forgot about the table, I was just trying to get home. My girlfriend stood up the glass on the back of the car. I didn’t see it. I jump in the car, crank it, turn on my music, and slowly drove off until I heard a loud noise then BOOM! it hit me like a baseball bat. I forgot she put the glass there. My heart had sunk to my toes when I went to check out how bad it was. The glass was completely shattered.

I didn’t know what to do at first. No lie I wanted to leave it but then I’d to face her which I did. Took me a good 5 minutes to walk over to her booth and tell her the bad news. Me and her both walk over. She saw the glass and the rest was history. She was mad(really mad) I mean who wouldn’t be? I’d to clean up the glass before I went home which was annoying by the way. Cut my finger a little, etc.

All of this could have been avoided if I’d have just listened carefully. I’d have gone home and my girlfriend could have gone home with a new table and a better attitude.

Listen carefully to things, a lot of stuff can avoid but hey I’m paying the price now.

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