I remember growing up I always wanted to go to a carnival but never did until I got older.

I was barely 19 years old when I went to my first carnival and it was fun. I went with my best homeboy and his girlfriend. We also had another friend with us. 

Even for my first time, I had fun, I tried different many foods and deserts. I also played different games and won some of them. I believe I won a big teddy bear for my homie girlfriend since he couldn’t win anything lol.

Never be scared to try different things in life, you never know you might love it and enjoy your time. For example, I, my girlfriend and her sister are going to Halloween Horror night in Orlando Fl, next month. It’s funny that I and my friends always plan to go but never do, so hopefully, I’ll go this year and I honestly can’t wait.

I hope your day was good, and I wish you a good night.

Cece Letter#1

I realize your last words that you were probably trying to tell me you were going to sleep which is cool so sorry for calling twice. Ya know, that phone call made my day/night. This whole day I was eager to call or even text you but I knew you were busy and I didn’t want to disturb you.

But that the thing though. I could have text or call anybody else but I only wanted to talk to you and you only. Yeah, my day was boring because of the 16h shift but it was all worth it in the end because I got to talk to you.

I really did enjoy our phone conversations tonight. Like I said before, your voice is so soothing and relaxing that I don’t mind listening to you talk but I still found it cool you enjoy listening to me talk, you made me smile.

Even though your day was busy I still hope you had a good one, the shoes you pick out was nice and I’m sure you’ll pick a perfect outfit and I can’t wait to see you in it.

I wish you sweet dreams and good night sleep and I hope you enjoy the letter.

Strong Friend

I’ve got this friend who been going through allot for the past couple of months. She actually lives right across the street from me which is funny because we never thought we will ever live close by.

I watch this friend go through pain every single day of the week and there nothing I can do but listen to her problems whenever she feels like opening up. But don’t you hate that? when you have a friend who goes through allot and there nothing you can do. You just wish all their pain, problems, bad health all go away. I feel this way every single day when I see her post a status reaching out for help.

Recently this friend finds out she has Lumpus which suck for her and now she slowly going blind one of her eyes. Her vision also ain’t that great either. I won’t say everything about her but let just say her life is going downhill. 

But I notice one thing about her. She never gives up on life. She still tries to find hope the best way she can. One thing I’ll say that no one can’t say she didn’t try to support herself. I see her do it every day. Hell, even now she still trying to plan a birthday party for her 4-year-old. Even though things are crashing down around her she still has time to think of her daughter party. Not many people can do that.

You going to watch someone you love go through a lot of pain. but that doesn’t mean you can’t be there for them. You might not can’t help much but a listening ear is always a blessing to them because at least someone took the time out to listen to their problems.

Never think you’re alone, there always that one people who wanna help and to take your pain away. Just be great in life and be eazy.

A Friend

I know we all have that one friend that we hold close to our hearts and we will do anything for them if in our power But let me tell you little about my special friend.

You see, I have this friend that I knew since 2008. She randomly sends me a request on myspace one day and I accept it. Even though we didn’t know each other I knew we would become good friends and maybe more in the future.

She was always that friend I can always talk to if anything is on my mind. Anytime I have a problem she was there and she always gives out some good advice even though it’s tough love.

Anytime I’m around her it’s always a good vibe, her voice brings calmness and her smile will brighten your day no matter how you feel.

I’ll always love this friend, she brings so much joy to people lives including mines and I love that we talk every single day and it’s always a special moment because she brings peace to my mind. 

If you have a friend like mines always hold them close and be there for them just like they’re there for you and I wish you a good day.


Infect Life Of A Friend

I’ve got this friend who I have known since 2007. Freshman year of high school.

She was always nice and fun to be around. She was always caring and did what she had to do in life to survive.

This friend recently had been infected with the disease call Lupus and it sucks.

I watch her go through a struggle with life every day. She also a mother and she a good one too.

She doesn’t let this disease stop her from living life. She still goes to work, take walks in the neighborhood, play with her daughter in the front yard and it seems like she likes the beach too.

I learn from her ya know? She goes through pain every day but walks around like it’s nothing and I’ve respected her allot just for that. They’re going to be a lot of stuff that going to get in your way but you must fight through them.

I hope you have a good day, the sun came out today but it’s still gloomy lol. Florida weather is on that bull.


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I remember being told I was a very observing person and I can’t even deny it.

I just feel like you have to notice everything around you no matter the location. I guess you can say I learn that from security. With all the stuff I witness in Orlando made me think of life differently.

I notice people in this day of age like to use people badly and it’s so sad. I got people in my life right now would never talk to me but will call or text to ask for some money like they don’t already owe me. Like just yesterday I’d a friend told me I didn’t look out for her because I didn’t buy her a gift for her birthday because I wasn’t able to. I gave this friend money when I could and for her to say those words told me she shouldn’t be my friend anymore. Notice the bad people around you and get rid of them.

You should also observe your surroundings. In this crazy world, we lived in, you just never know what could happen in public.

I believe being observing is good, it saves you a lot of time dealing with people that you shouldn’t even care about. We observe people, life, and this world every day and we don’t even know it but that good if you ask me because it’s better being safe then sorry.

I hope you enjoy the read and I wish you a good day!

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Letter to a friend #4

My best friend was really annoyed with her car today and it causes her to have a bad day. I spent most of the day thinking how I’m going to make her smile when I return home and I came up with this.

Love is when having someone with you and share so many amazing time together even we know we can not always be together. Some random old lady told me that on the phone earlier today and I found it funny that I immediately thought of you when she hangs up the phone. But you notice right? How we have so much love for one another but hardly ever saw each other over the years. Even when I move to Orlando we still remain best friends and I wanna say thank you for that. I must say you never did me wrong as a friend which is why I have the utmost respect for you. You are special and beautiful in all your ways. Your kindness, your mind, your way of thinking, your opinions, your style, your charisma, your eyes, your smile and your body. the way you deal with life and the way you understand me out of all my friends and I found that special to me. I understand you’d a bad day and I hope these words made you feel better. I love you and I hope you have a good night sleep.

She didn’t get this message yet because she is sleeping but I know deep down inside she going to love it.



When I hear the word rivulet, I think of water or just being near it. I remember back in 2012 I join this Sabbath day church.

They always mention that if you need somewhere to talk, always go near the water like the lake, beach, pool or just by water period. I took their advice and tried it and it was always peaceful.

I felt like your mind was clear as day when you just sitting down by the water talking to your own self about your own problems in life. I realize I felt better after talking near the water. It was also cool seeing the random fishes jump out the water like they knew I was there and wanted to tell me that they was listening.

It always felt good being by the water, I even bought friends with me and told some to even try it and they all felt better afterwards.

I remember the first time I went on the boat, jet skiing, kayaking all in the same day in Orlando Fl, at this church member house. He also had a big pool with a waterfall in it and I can’t tell you how many times I jump from it lol. Fun times and I’ll do it again if I ever have the chance too

I also love to swim like I feel so much better under water. I also see it as a full body work out which was always good to me. I remember after high school throwing pool parties with my friends before our lives got busy.

I learnt over the years that being by the water is always a good thing, make sure you know how to swim too, just encase… you never know when you might fall in the water lol. This is my personal experience being by any water that I been around and I sure we had some good and bad experience with water but we’re still here to tell it. Hope you enjoy the read and have a great day

<a href="http://Rivulet“>Rivulet

Letter to a friend #3

I wrote this letter to a very close friend of mines because she wanted me to cheer her up with my words… I guess she had a bad day So I wrote her this. Oh, I also name this sleepy beauty for her and she loved it.

You read the title correctly, sleeping beauty is what I going to call this one. It felt nice talking to you tonight, it was nice a dream come true or a prayer answer( and Yes I pray last night to talk to you more, don’t judge me lol, trying to think of more words to say. I don’t know what to say but there is something about you I can’t put my finger on. I feel like you’re a mysterious person who leave her mark on some many people that It’ll linger on that person forever. I’m that example, I notice when I talk to you, my body/mind/soul feels at ease. I notice that when I told you about my break up with my baby mama and I haven’t told no one that. Even though I’m not hearing your voice I can image hearing it in my thoughts(Plus I’ll always remember the sound of your voice) and I still love your singing voice. I can image being around you all time and I probably will never want to leave your side. I was really looking forward to talking to you on the webcam tonight, I’d have probably been nervous to even speak. Furthermore, I probably would have smiled the whole time gazing at your beautiful eyes( definitely when your glasses are off I swear you got this gazing aura around your eyes that will keep anyone glues to your face. I definitely remember that years ago). Also I wanted to tell say that you don’t have to get undress to talk to me on the cam your beauty, smile, eyes, your perfect skin tone, lips and your kind voice is all I need to enjoy when it comes down to talking to you. I do wish we could talk everyday and night, having said that I know it won’t happen because we both live different lives and I know you busy being a mother/ taking care of business in your personal life. I wanted to say Good Night and sweet dreams, I hope you have a good night sleep and I also love you with all my heart.

Like I said before in a post while back if you have the words to make someone smile, do it! and I hope everyone had a great night!

Letter to friend #2

While I was playing Fortnite and scrolling through Facebook, I notice one of my friends was feeling down. It looks like a bad break up and her heart is broken. I honestly wanted to cheer her up with some words or at least make her less sad. This is what I wrote her–>

Oh yeah, if you have the words to make someone smile do it! It’ll definitely make their day!

You know I never met a heart like yours my friend, a heart like yours belongs to someone who can handle it and willing to protect it no matter what. You deserve to be love, care for, at all times.  The right moment will come when you meet someone patient enough to endure with you. Someone to hold your hand tightly when they out with you. A heart like yours should belong to someone who will be healed enough with the good spirit to understand and value you enough to see you as a priority. A heart like yours belongs to someone who will love you until the end of time and who is willing to keep your heart safe. A heart like yours belong to someone who was born to handle it and I feel like that heart belongs to YOU! Only you can protect your heart and heal it. You don’t need anyone to love you as long you love and care for yourself. Life too short to worry about bad guys when you’ve allotted good things going on in your life.

She texts me back said this was the sweetest thing someone wrote me in a while! thank you so much! Even though it’s almost 4 in the morning and I should be going to sleep but I feel like I’m not. May read more blogs or might play a game on my phone. Anywayz I hope ya’ll enjoy the read. Have a great night!