Wow, I finally have time to write a blog today and it’s the perfect word shambles.

first off I hope everyone who reads my blog is doing good it’s been a month since I post one and I totally feel bad about that.

My job been keeping me really busy lately. I didn’t mind it at first but it has gotten really bad that even I don’t wanna be here anymore.

People are quiting from left to right and it’s sad. One guy I enjoy working with is leaving this Friday and one I dislike is leaving at the end of the month.

That will cause us to be three men short. Even my schedule is getting a chance to overnight shift and I now will be working from Monday to Friday with the weekends off which I don’t mind. But even with that schedule, I’ll still have to do 16 or 12-hour shift because we will still be short.

Even with all this going on, I see it as a good opportunity to make some extra money. I can now spend some time with my daughter on the weekends because she has no school. I can spend more time with my girlfriend throughout the day and I can get some errands done if needed to.

Even with all this going on, there was still something good that came out of it.

Just remember no matter what you go through, there is always something good around the corner.


A word I can relate to because of my job. One thing I learn about doing security, you’re going to take in a lot of different smells.

Like at my post I’m currently working, I smell stuff allot. Either it’s from food, bad bathrooms smell, outside smell or just different smells through the shift.

But even outside of work, smelling something can be good or bad. Like if you walking downtown and smell the alcohol on someone breath or smelling someone good cooking, smelling the laundry stuff when you walk past someone house or cloths.

Be grateful that we can smell different things, I am pretty sure without our nose we will be doom lol. I mean just think about it? We smell stuff before we can even see it but we know it’s there.

I hope everyone is having a good Friday. I myself been working crazy hours lately, so I haven’t had any time to blog besides now. In the meantime, I wish you a good day and a good weekend.


For the past two weeks, I found myself explaining things to people that should already know better but they don’t

I’m going to talk about being rude in this post because this is the only way I could relate to the word of the day.

Last week I allow my girlfriend and her friend to spend the night at my place. Let me remind you I’m still helping out my little sister and brother until they get back on their feet. Even though my apartment is already full I couldn’t let my girl sleep on the streets because she and her big sister got into a bad disagreement and was asked to leave for the night.

Long story short, my girlfriend friend had a bad cough and my little brother wasn’t to please with the cough because it kept waking up his daughter and him. I and my little sister slept like a baby so I didn’t hear her cough until I woke up that morning.

He was being rude to my girlfriend friend. Even though he’s my brother I defended the friend. I tried my best to explain to him that you can’t be rude to people because they have a bad cough and you also can’t be rude to people in somebody else place.

Like most people, he tried to make it about himself but I wasn’t having it. Don’t get me wrong. I definitely understand his point but there is always a way to do things.

If you a guess in somebody else place and you don’t like how things are going, always talk to the owner beside being rude. Being rude… It’ll make you look nasty and you also embarrassed the owner.

Been a while since I post something and I hope everyone is having a good evening.


I remember growing up I always dislike my mother. When I was about 4 or 5 she lost me and my siblings to the court system because she wasn’t doing the right thing in life.

When she lost us, she didn’t really try to get us back. Actually, she didn’t try at all. Once she saw how much freedom had with no 4 kids holding her back, it was all fun from that point.

Growing up I didn’t really see my mother as a mother if that makes sense. I saw her as a regular person who births me in this world. I don’t even say mom when she around me, just her first name. Sad but true.

Now that I’m a father myself, I’ll make sure my daughter gets all the love she deserves from me and no matter what I’m doing in life. I’ll always be there.

Just because you have a child doesn’t mean your life end there. I myself still enjoy life and being a parent is also a cool very fun job and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.

Today I plan on writing all day since I miss a lot of work. Life has been busy but it’s the good busy and I hope life is going well for you.


Mentor… perfect word to use today. The only mentor I’d in my life was my step-grandfather.

As far I can remember he been teaching me stuff most of my life. I remember the first lesson he gave me at the age of 4. I and my little brother always had piles of clothes on the floor. My mother didn’t really care but he did. He went to the nearest store and bought us a basket. He told me when you are done wearing these clothes put them in here and wait until your mother clean them. I remember the first time he taught me how to wash dishes which was annoying lol. Being the oldest in the house meant I had to do most choirs until my sisters and brother got older. He even taught me how to do yard work, working on cars, fixing stuff inside the house, how to cut down trees/ taking care of flowers which my grandmother help but I learn more from him. Let just say he taught me allot about life.

I remember growing up whenever my sisters and brother got in trouble, he would talk to all of us in a group instead of one on one. He uses to sit for hours and talk and talk and talk. As a little kid/ young man that was annoying lol like man, sitting down in a chair for an hour had your booty hurting but I also knew it was all love and that he didn’t want to see us go down the wrong path like most of my friends did.

Even though he’s my step-grandfather, I’ll always see him as a father figure because he didn’t have to help my grandmother raise us but he did. Yeah, it was hard but it made me a stronger person in life. Even till this day, he will come over and give me some advice about life and now that I’m older I just sit there and listen like the good old days.

I hope you enjoy the read and I wish all of you a good day.

<a href="http://Mentor“>Mentor

Sleeve The School Days

I remember growing up I never wore sleeves in school or in school period, I honestly hated it. Even when it was cold. I felt like I didn’t need a jacket to wear when it was cold outside. I just hated wearing long sleeves period, until I got older.

Growing up, the old heads used to tell me to wait until I get older you’ll be wearing a jacket just like everyone else. My other family members just call me young bull with tough skin( well some). My grandmother always got on me about wearing a jacket. Leaving for school in the morning when it was cold was hard because she will be up and to make sure you on a jacket before you left her house but I took it off when I got to the bus stop.

High school was always funny to me when it was cold outside. Seeing other students with their heavy jackets made me laugh a little. They always use to ask me you ain’t cold bro? you going to get sick bro, man your bones don’t hurt? do you even get cold? Truth is, yes I do but it didn’t affect me like everyone one. 

Now that I’m 25, I enjoy wearing my black jacket. Sometimes it doesn’t even be cold and I’ll randomly put it on and just chill. Oh yeah, The old heads were right about the getting older part. I feel the cold and it affects me much better now and boy it sucks. Plus I do security and gotta ride this jitney around work so I can pick up the residents and take them to their location and I dislike when they call because that wind chill hit ya hard

I caught the flu for the first time because of the cold weather and that was just last year. I took an hour and 30-minute walk home in 35 degrees weather and caught the flu 3 days later and that shit was depression but I learned my lesson and that is to always take care of yourself no matter what because we only have one body.

This is my personal experience with the word Sleeve but I’m sure we all can use this word in so many ways. I hope you enjoy the read and I wish you a very good day.<a href="http://Sleeve“>Sleeve

Lesson learn

So, yesterday I was at work chilling playing this bleach game on my phone. I got a message saying my debit been charged $5.99. Now I know I didn’t make this charge but then I remembered I gave my little nephew my old phone and my Gmail was still log in.

My little nephew bought the game and probably didn’t know what he was doing. I was worry because I needed the money to get to work or a ride if I miss the bus. I also sadly gave a friend $25 which I shouldn’t have done but I was trying to impress but forgot all about myself.

I did a little research to see if I could get my money back and I find out I could. I’d to go to the order history and request refund or something like that. I found out that I’d 5 different charges on my Google account from a game my little nephew was playing.

Luckily I was able to refund every single one and was able to get $24 back which was great because that mean I was able to get to work and my little brother is paying me back my $10.

The lesson I learn was to always take care of yourself and no one else unless you’ve a family to care for. You never know what you’ve to pay or need money for and don’t try to impress someone when you barely have anything to your name.

Life is hard but it’s always a blessing to be alive, whoever you are, I hope you’re having a great day!